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    Hamer Chaparral custom (leftie)
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    Marshall JCM 800, Fender Princeton Reverb (Blue flower), Orange Micro Dark terror
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  1. Bondy76

    Finally got my Hamer re finished

    The yellow is the refinish lol
  2. Bondy76

    Finally got my Hamer re finished

    The necks got a Matt finish plays amazing. I had the headstock clear coated and polished looks like a brand new guitar.All the hardwares original. I went for the bladed neck pickup as a nod to the original pickups I believe it came with.
  3. Bondy76

    Finally got my Hamer re finished

    Same bridge pickup in both. Bridge Dimarzio evolution Middle Dimarzio evolution Neck Dimarzio Cruiser Also had a EVH Dtuna installed
  4. Finally got it back what do you guys think?
  5. Bondy76