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  1. Thanks man! Yeah i was hoping there was some story to it.
  2. thanks haha, well maybe one day it will!
  3. Oh, ok. Then that makes more sense, i thought it was just a lowball.
  4. Wait, my guitar?? like the one i own?? either way im buying the book right now! SPECIAL SPECIAL!!
  5. Not planning to sell it atm no, my father told me he bought it for around 500-800$ in the 1980s so i guess it has gone up in value then!
  6. Glad you guys like it as much as me. Also i feel very welcome. I am not a guitar expert but the neck is thinner than my Gibson sg standard if that says anything to you?
  7. I know very little about hamer and their guitars but im very interested. Also its in very good condition it has basically sat in the guitar case for close to 30 years until i started playing 7 years ago.
  8. cool! and thanks for the quick reply.
  9. Awesome! she is a beauty indeed. When i look on google i cant find any guitars that looks the exact same. Was there only a few made? and not that i am going to sell it because i love playing it but do you know anything about what it might be worth?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! The serial numbers were 1 2583.
  11. Hey, first of all i Am from Norway so excuse my English. My father have this hamer guitar which he bought from a musician friend in the 1980s he dosnt know much about it because he didn't end up having much interest in guitars, does anyone know anything about this guitar? And maybe what it might be worth. Sorry for the bad picture didn't have much time to take em! Thanks.