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  1. Hello Len.. Yes I bought them... Very happy 🎸✌️😁
  2. Thanks Travis.. Yes, I've had Josh wind me a set before for my 2000 Standard which had EMGs in.. It was an option, however in this instance I wanted something period and with some play wear.. In the end I cracked a deal with the seller for these Hamer DiMarzios.. they're to be used in a Black 1979 Greco EX...
  3. Thanks for the heads up Len... They are exactly what iam looking for but I think they're abit on the high side... There again, perhaps that's what they're worth ....
  4. Looking for a pair of Hamer DiMarzio Humbuckers if anyone has a set available to buy.. Traditional Zebra Neck & Cream Bridge Thanks in advance
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