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  1. Well... I was thinking of a creme color, maybe Lull T-Bird pickups and possibly T-Bird bridge with “claw” tailpiece. It would be an amazing bass... but it would degrade the collector/historical value and honestly, for what this work would cost I could buy a whole new bass. I’m going to leave it alone and enjoy it as it is. The neck is amazing as is the tone.
  2. Is it better to leave this vintage Hamer Standard Explorer bass in original condition or is it ok to have pro refinish, upgrade work done by a pro shop (Mike Lull guitars, Bellevue, Washington)? The bass plays and sounds great but the color is probably my least favorite of any color. Please advise.
  3. I need a case for my vintage 4 digit serial number (0634) USA Hamer Standard Explorer bass. Anybody?
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