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  1. You want to message me instructions as to how you want to get paid and ship?
  2. Sounds good, the guitar has already been defiled, so a little routing will be an improvement. Shark send me a message as to price and pictures if possible. I really don't mind the banter, it reminds me of my high school/college buddies.
  3. I agree it is a great forum, its good clean fun! We have a few specials and My son bought a project 78' Les Paul and he loves the sound of his 81' green special, so he wants the LP to sound like it. Should be great when its done.
  4. funny how you all know what I really meant, but smart asses prevail , i changed the topic, lets see how you pick it apart this time. I still want the pickups not advice or comedians.
  5. I am looking for a pair of original Hamer humbuckers. Let me know what you have. Thank you, Bob
  6. I just got a 1984 black special with gold hardware. Is this a stock item or was this a one off? anyone know? Thank you. apparently my picture took up too much space so I was not able to post it, sorry
  7. My son is making a guitar from scratch and he really likes the sustain bridge on the specials we have, anyone have one for a reasonable price? Thank you, Bob
  8. Turns out it was an 1981 I was looking for, thanks Wayne!
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