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  1. Thanks! My first Talladega has the stock DDs, and I really dig them - I play telecasters a lot, so they fit right at home with my style. The pro came with both the WCRs and the original Duncan custom shop hum buckers, so it can't hurt to try them out. I do really like the WCRs however.
  2. Travis, thanks for the welcome. The WCRs are Godwoods - I didn't install them, the previous owner did, and he included the original Duncans in the sale. They sound fantastic in this guitar - slightly hot vintage paf vibe. I will try out the Duncans some day just to see how they stack up.
  3. I am a newer forum member, but I have these two - Stock Talladega, and a Talladega Pro with WCR pickups installed. Love these guitars!
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