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  1. Thank you one and all for your replies... i know the korean made instruments do not get a lot of love here... they do not seem to get a lot of love anywhere... but.... if it plays well, sounds well, and moves your soul a bit.... works for me.. (add a touch of delay and it really pops).. the active electronics fastening is pretty common... point being made was that i doubt the active electronics are EMG... (not potentiometer mounted)... still digging this bass...
  2. Just picked up a fretless velocity bass... single bass lines pickup, volume control (push/pull to activate onboard preamp) tone control, and a stacked control knob which i think chooses preamp center frequency (lower ring) and preamp tone (upper ring)... not finding much on it other than made in korea and a serial number 2550557.. no marking on preamp... velcro’d in control cavity... any idea of preamp brand/model?..maybe year of manufacture?... everything looks factory original... Loving this thing.... whole new dimension in playing and trying to break some acquired bad habits
  3. I bought a Hamer Velocity bass...single Bass Lines pickup.... 4 string fretless in natural color... made in korea..serial number 2550557..... it has a preamp in it... about 3 inch by 1 inch surface mount technology velcro’ed in the control cavity... i took a picture of it but not sure how to attach the image... it seems that two pots are associated with it (stacked potentiometer)... i believe center frequency adjust and tone control for the single Bass Lines pickup...(two rows of poles...? Humbucker style).... any idea of preamp manufacturer, model, etc...?
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