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  1. Just got the BC last night and its just as described, its one SANO bass and original case!! Thanks to Mikes Music on Reverb and you guys for the poke!
  2. 👍🏼👍🏼 Purchase completed, thanks again for the heads up gang. I can’t wait to add the CB to the family!! Cheers!!
  3. Just waiting for the seller to get back to me....... hope to get this wrapped up soon!
  4. Hola, thanks for the heads up guys! For whatever reason this notification just popped up in my email, is there normally that much of a delay in this site? I’ve messaged the seller, I’ll keep you posted, she’s a beaut!!
  5. Hey everyone, thanks for the add! I recently had the opportunity to play a vintage cruise bass and I absolutely fell in love with it, so much so that I now want to purchase one. That being said I REALLY would like to find a 4 String in Black Cherry Burst color with a 2Tek bridge. If anyone knows of one for sale with that setup please keep me in mind! I think they started the four string in that color in 1996 if my research serves me correctly. Thanks!!!
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