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  1. I have not heard back. He always regreted selling it. As far as I know, he didn’t have the opportunity to buy it back as his other needs were greater than this guitar. I. Dont know how much he sold it for but am more than willing to be fair in trying to get it back to our family. I would still feel the same way about it if it was a $100 guitar. Its meaningful to us because it resented a great time in his life, a purchase he was very proud of. Selling it was something he did not take lightly. His sister and I would have bought it if we had known. He worked very hard in his life and was well loved. This guitar would always remain in our family. And I do not expect anyone to give the guitar away. I just want the opportunity to reach a fair aggreement.
  2. Fellas I appreciate the offers for assistance but that's not what I'm here for. We truly miss Randy and are just trying to bring back something he was very proud of and never wanted to sell but had to. thank you all for trying to help.
  3. also, this isn't a "sob story" its my attempt to bring back a guitar of a great brother and brother-in -law to his family.
  4. Just so everyone knows, and I can't believe I'm trying to clarify this, but I did respond 3 times via email and didn't hear back as they must have not gone through. I sent a private message and hope that does reach Hamer-on.
  5. Travis, thank you for the offer. I hope we can make it happen and yes this is a cool forum. Saying a prayer
  6. Sounds great! Been searching for his guitar for sometime now and am glad it has been found. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
  7. Hamer-on........Randy IS my Brother in law!!! He owned Triple R Guitar!!! please contact me at axel89@aol.com!!!
  8. Cynic...I hope this is my brothers guitar and you are right....crazy if this is it! Great forum! I have been trying to locate his paperwork to find the serial number. I'm sure he registered it though as it was made for him. I don't know where to find that possible company registration since Hamer doesn't seem to have a record that far back. I am waiting on Hamer-on to fill in some info as to whether or not he is the second owner.
  9. Cynic...I hope this is my brothers guitar and you are right....crazy if this is it! Win Win is right! Great forum!
  10. Hamer-on, can you tell me more about your snakeskin as it looks very much like the one I have been searching for!
  11. I feel like part of the fraternity! Thank you all!
  12. You guys ROCK! I'm the most patient person you will ever meet. Definitely Snakeskin! he was very proud of that graphic. Thank you for teaching me about the difference in the pattern too! I really appreciate all your help everyone!!
  13. This is my brother playing the guitar!
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