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  1. To be honest when I saw boomers for the 1st time long time ago I didn't like this inlay design. It took few years to understand that it is just perfect shape which fit any guitar type
  2. I have one which I am ok to part with. Willing to trade it for let’s say...Scepter☺️
  3. Refused to sell to me, because I am not in USA. Offered to send guitar to the shipping company address (USA) which will handle shipping for me but he refused again...🥵 I have really bad luck with buying Scepter...
  4. Waiting for seller respond. Hope this time I can get Scepter. Last time another seller after we have confirmed all details just sold it to other guy😢
  5. To be honest I can’t say about devaluation, but I think yes, because it is modification which will affect the price. Anyway I am not going to sell this guitar, because I like it so much. You can remove dots and fill them, but I think on the rosewood fingerboard it will be obvious that dot was there before. Another option is crown inlays. They also look cool. Here is photo of Chaparral with crowns on rosewood.
  6. You can use this drawing for reference. if your Chaparral has dot inlays then you won’t be able to just replace dots with boomers, because boomerangs don’t cover dots. In this case you need to make new fingerboard. But you always can do crown inlays without of fingerboard replacement.
  7. Wow. I think so. But this item no longer available😞
  8. Happy new year! I am looking for a project guitar, ideally is Chaparral or Daytona with bolted neck. Also will consider other Hamer models. Condition is not important, can be very beaten up. Stripped, without of hardware and electronics is also ok. If anyone have one, please let me know. Thank you🙏
  9. No affiliation. Saw this Centaura Deluxe on reverb: https://reverb.com/item/37198744-hamer-centaura-deluxe-1992-usa-with-boomerangs 1845 USD + shipping from Germany This is second Centaura Deluxe I see. How rare this model is?
  10. Very cool! I like vocals here! but this song needs more BASS☺️
  11. So someone didn’t like Scarab shape, then he upgrades guitar by cutting pieces out of a body and repaint it...🤦‍♂️
  12. First I bought Music Man JP7 BFR, then I had 2 EBMM Majesty, then Gibson Standard... after 2 years all they gone and I have only Hamers. And I can say that my Chaparral Standard with Gravelin Pickups rips all non Hamer guitars I mentioned above.
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