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  1. Since you asked... the guitar in question was a stock 1996 Standard with a mahogany body that was purchased from this board. A quick review of my “build criteria” listed in my base note will detail this guitar isn’t really what I am looking for. The gentleman who purchased it is a blues player who only plays Strats and Teles. He jumped in a good deal (and good for him), but to offer it to me — his “friend” — for twice what the market price is for that model Standard was insulting to me. I mean, this dude could have sold it for $2k and still made $650 off his investment. As a moderator of this forum so eloquently commented, “$3500 is egregious.” It’s an $1800 guitar all day long. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m not miserly. But if I’m dropping that kind of coin, I would ay least like it to be in the ballpark of what I’m searching for. I’m simply looking for that one “forever guitar” to own and gig with. 👍🏼
  2. Those that have been trying unsuccessfully for 7 years and counting.... 🥵
  3. Greetings!! I've been looking to purchase a USA-made Hamer Standard guitar for many years now ... seven, going on eight, to be exact. Timing seems to be my biggest hurdle -- by the time I become aware of a guitar for sale, it has been sold to someone else (usually same day, or even within minutes of my inquiry). So with suggestion, I am posting a "WTB" thread on here... In a perfect world, here are my instrument preferences : - Sunburst over plain top - Flame (or some figured) Maple top over plain - Dark Sunburst over Cherry - Trapzoid inlays over dot - Bound neck/body over not My comfortable price range for purchase is up-to $3500. A guitar $4k and up would require some lengthy planning, and usually in that instance, the instrument is long gone. I would also consider a Shishkov Ultimate (at the sellers price). I also feel the selling price should be "fair and reasonable." One example is a "friend" of mine who purchased a Standard for $1350 and then so kindly offered to flip it to me for $3500!! Sorry, scenarios like that are just ridiculous. So that's it, really. I am hoping that my inquiry post here can change what is heading towards a decade of pure, rotten luck. Cheers, "Berklee" Bill
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