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  1. that speaker has most likely been dropped and the basket bent or flexed to cause the cone to fold. if it was new I would send it back but as its not you should be fine.
  2. Keyboard player in one of the bands I work with will wear one of their world tour shirts from time to time, on the back it just said Richmond and Charlottesville 😂
  3. If it wasn’t red I’d be fighting hard to resist, I just can’t do red. GLWS
  4. Looks like you got the sale too! If only the headstock went the other way and I’d have gone for it 🙃
  5. Looks ace with the stainless screws, Nice and subtle 👍
  6. Thats interesting, there were no pads included in mine. One went in 83-84 Kramer pacer that was the heaviest guitar id ever owned, I think it just shy of 10Lbs. the PO had used some sort of lag bolt for the claw so it was great fix,I didn't really notice any tonal changes. The other I used in a mutt build so I had no point of reference if it made an improvement or not. the build was a HSS config which is why I warned about screw size 😂 And yeah, Im a set and forget type but its still a neat idea
  7. I installed the Schaller sure claw on few guitars, I really liked the adjustments and increased stability but can’t really say it did much for tone. Also you have to aware of the screw length you use. The 1984 term does sound good, installed one to replace the Korean frt1000 and it made a huge difference
  8. I got lucky and grabbed a used thr5 a couple of years ago, it’s a great little amp, sorry that’s not very helpful! I would suggest you give eminence a call, they have some great speakers and when I had an issue with one they were all over it.
  9. The Union Jack special was listed on Reverb a few months ago from an Italian seller, I think it was around 3k Euros. As an Englishman living in the states I'm always up for that sort of thing
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