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  1. I'm thinking about: - Sonic Blue colour - Cream pickguard - Cream P90 pick ups - Added binding to the neck - Added binding to the body
  2. Thanks for the replies, folks, I'm PM-ing GusS now.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm pretty new to this forum as you can probably guess from my posts. After 8 years without a Hamer, I'm looking finally to buy one. My only requirement is to be with the slim narrow neck. I would prefer really beaten up instruments because ideally this would be a project guitar. I have a soft spot for Special, Sunburst and Artist models. I'm located in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is part of EU. If you are in Europe and you are looking for a sale or if you live in the States and international shipping is not a problem for you, send me a message. In terms of paym
  4. Jack White - vocals, guitar Greg Koch - lead guitar Les Claypool - bass Dave Abbruzzese from Pearl Jam - drums I think it will be quite interesting to hear that.
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