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  1. Both of my Cali Elites have those. I don't remember the Cali Standard I had having it though.
  2. Same here. I love my 2 Hamers so much that i almost want to buy it to keep around for the price alone. Looks like a fun guitar
  3. I get the joke but seriously, all the ones I'm seeing there are more like 350000 rubles (usually 20000-250000 though). So they just sit. I mean, no one here is going to pay $4500 for one. No idea why they'd think someone there would. Seems like they're just posting stuff with no real intent to sell
  4. Hey Devrock I'm working on it but everyone's holding onto their Calis right now! 😆 I got into the game too late! haha
  5. I get what you're saying! I actually have an Elite. I bought the one that Dave's had up for sale in that post about all the Hamers that were put up for sale at once. I always keep around 1 guitar for my main guitar and I keep a backup that's the same/similar make and model so if I break a string in the middle of a set I can keep going without readjusting to an entirely different guitar. I don't usually keep any more guitars around than that. So it's not entirely necessary for me to have another Elite as a backup and more of a vanity want, more than anything. The standard really plays fantastic-just a tiny bit better than the Elite so I really should just be quiet and enjoy it. These things are super-addictive though!
  6. Hey Pablo, i thought about that but i figured when someone's ready they'll throw one up. I do have a pair and they are just sick guitars, so i'm not in a huge hurry. Maybe i'll just get a green or purple sparkle repaint on the black standard body to make it pop more. The first Hamers i saw when i was playing clubs at 19 were played by a guy in another local band and they had boomers. So for some reason, Hamer superstrats without them always look like theyre missing something to me without them. My standard is a killer guitar so maybe fixing it up with a repaint, or just swapping the black hardware for gold will make it stick out a little more. The wife is pushing polka dots but i cant do that to that poor beast!
  7. About 9 months ago I had been looking for something similar to a Rand, and discovered the Calis. There were a few that had been sitting on Reverb for a while but I hadn't discovered HFC yet so I didn't realize the prices were ok. Since they were sitting, I thought maybe they were overpriced. Wish those were still popping up now because I'd have no hesitation pulling the trigger on some of those. The rare times they popup no, they're all 3k+ it seems. While I can afford that, the 2 I have will have to do until I can find one at a reasonable price again. My Cali Standard is awesome, but I've just got to have another with boomers! Looks like no one's really selling them anymore. 😕
  8. I'm picky about them for a different reason. Still trying to pull off those Paul Gilbert RacerX licks 30 years later and my hands are just giving up on me. lol So I've had to resort to detuning a half step, using .008s and pure nickel strings on 25 1/2 scale guitars. I can still get away with .009s on PRS or Gibson scales (25" and 24 3/4"). I actually came across pure nickel when I bought a PRS that they were on and noticed they were softer and seemed to have a less tense feel to them than the DM Blue Steels I was torturing myself with. That may just be in my head FAIK but they do have a softer tone with less string rattle, to my ears. I originally was using PRS pure nickels but I don't think they make .008s so I had to switch to Ernie Ball. They have a similar tone and feel to me anyway.
  9. That's how they rope you in! Started with a MIK Cali. Within a month or 2 I have 2 USA Calis to go with it
  10. Oh no disrespect intended at all! I'm jealous of your toys! haha
  11. And pretty funny that your only traditional headstock Cali is still a rare bird!
  12. Thank you, Jim! I don't collect but am always looking for instruments that are easy to play, since I'm prone to tendonitis from overplaying if I'm not careful. These Calis are some of the easiest on my hands I think I've ever come across. At least to me anyway. I'll never have an amazing collection like yours, but with my standard and the new one on the way, I think I'm set with my tools. Looking at yours, it definitely starts to kick in the gear acquisition syndrome though! 🙂
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