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  1. You want me to back up my gratuitous comments with facts? Damn lawyers! O.K., first there's the neck. The profile is, IMO, perfect. It starts out nice and meaty at the nut, then gradually gets fuller as you move up the neck. It has substance and a great vintagey feel. Then there's the weight. These are a good 1 -1.5 lbs lighter than your average Studio Custom. Next, the wood. Collectively, the TTs had some of the nicest tops and figured Brazilian rosewood necks I've seen on a group of Hamers. There have been more dramatic one-off tops, for sure, but the TTs are made with consistently elegant pieces of wood. Finally, the TTs resonated noticeably more than any SC I've played. This may be the payoff from the one-piece neck, increased neck angle and TonePros hardware. You know the sound and feel of striking a quality set of rosewood claves? The TT is a lot like that. I've been advised to refrain from further comment on Greg's post. I have no recollection of those events at this time. I've had many of the Gibson LPR9/8/7s and my 3T kicks all that I have had.. Definitely lighter and much more lively.. You probably played mine at Dave's Definitely turned my head around about Hamers!! (I used to love 'em when they first came out, but could never get the scratch up for a new one.. I was stuck playing all those old *used* Fenders and Gibsons.. eons ago..) Seriously I love mine.. I hope Dave gets some more.. I may just dump my last R9.. -D
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