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  1. mkadowaki wrote: ..Or ask Gibson to build you an Explorer just like it! Twice the price, I'm sure... I won this last night, it helped ease the pain. Anyone have a pair of old cream DiMarzio pick ups? An SD and a PAF? Whee! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=150059587828
  2. Yay! Top notch buyer, for sure!!...Nice guy! SMART BUYER... I think he needs a Sunburst now....
  3. Punks. I usually just bid my max and forget about it. Or I'll wait til the last 50 - 10 seconds
  4. I just checked my eBay page. 131 watchers! That's more than when I sold a George Harrison autograph!..Wheee!
  5. Whatever, may the high bid WIN! I've never understood why people retract bids if they have multiple ID's. I don't even get why people retract bids, period.
  6. I got a few good broken English offers.."What is final price?"...I keep telling them I'm not ending the auction.
  7. Saw 6 deer, passed on a big fork, 2 guys got 6 pointers. BIG ones... The Packer game was just as bloody, ouch. Brett was OFF...Oh well. My Hamer Auction ends tonight! I passed on more offers, of course. Any fake auctions pop up yet?
  8. Damn..Another one that got away, haw... I sold it to the guitar player in the Lubricants, I think...It's probably in some blackhole Hamer collection now.
  9. I wish I had a document/pic of it, someone told me it was made in 1976. It was factory, no mods. Sold it for 600, ow...It wuz bad azz. That was a long time ago. It is what it is. What it was. Was the binding on Sunbursts/Specials kaput after 1982? I remember seing tons of Hamer Specials (or Sunbursts?) and not liking them cuz they didn't have binding.
  10. I also had an early Sunburst - bound w/ a sunburst flame top-BUT... The guitar was set up with a separate Gibson bridge and tailpiece, not the usual one piece combo thing... Were those common?
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