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  1. Well at this point All I can say is I got a lot of the information about this guitar way back when from a fellow named "Jol Dantzig" and I'm pretty sure it was Just before he left Hamer 1993 or 94ish... ... AND NOW all I can say is after you kids LEARN what they are, I'll teach you to play them. have a great time in your very shallow fantasy worlds.... good day...
  2. TomTerrififfic I fully understand that the pick ups are ducan design's and they are Imports but that's what i said in My original Post the pick ups are the only difference between what I have and the USA Model. and Now The REASON I'm here is because I have searched the net over the last few days and from what I see there isn't another Hamer like mine on the net except the made in USA's they are the closest to what I have SO,,,, before I opted to let it go for the $ 450 that I was offered 2 days ago,,, I figured I better take one last look SO you see I'm as baffled about this guitar as I guess some of you folks are... and NO it hasnt been modified or altered, I know this because I was at the STORE when it was being opened and prepared for Display. At that time the store owner and I commented on how it was set up and both of us were surprised at the quality and sound this guitar had as we both tried it out. I was the first customer of his to actually touch it and only 2 days later I bought it. and NOW again I'm not quite sure i'm ready to part with it just yet... and dude,,,, get yer own Banana !
  3. Hey guys I'm Sorry but I'm really Surprised at all this. I really thought someone here would have a better understanding of the Hamer Guitar line... Especially after someone here referred to a few people here as "Hamer Experts" I'm not a Hamer Expert myself but apparently I've gained enough info on my own Equipment to know what I have, compared to what other so called experts THINK I have... I didn't come here to argue or doubt someones understanding about the Hamer guitars Manufacturing history. I'm just trying to explain what I already know about my own guitar and was just looking to see if anyone had any more info or advice that they could contribute to what I already know about marketing what I have. If some here think it's only worth 150 or 200 bucks then they have their reasons for assuming those prices but those are the ones that are obviously wrong about the parts that were installed on my guitar and then when i try to explain what I have I get attacked like a Monkey holding the only banana.. Did anyone ever think maybe this guys Guitar is worth looking a little deeper into???
  4. I'm not trying to argue with anybody. I'm here for advice plain and simple. I'm not trying to question what someone thinks they know or don't know and again I'm only referring to what i had been told years ago. Someone asked about whats under my bridge or tailpiece? what should I expect to see there? I mean if it's a cheap foreign made piece of crap vs a good quality Part, what should be stamped on them parts? I'll tear it down and provide pictures of what I find. and most of the information that i've ever found about this guitar came during the time I purchsed it and again that was 1993 or 94ish. and This is an Archtop. and It does have SCHALLER Tuners !!! the Neck pick ups are HB-101's "The HB-101 was patterned after the Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 Model™ humbucker set. It uses an Alnico 5 magnet and winding spec based on the revered 1955 - 1960 Gibson P.A.F." the bridge pick up is an HB-102's "The HB-102 was modeled after Seymour's favorite humbucker combination, the USA-made SH-4 JB™ bridge and SH-2n Jazz Model™ neck set. Like the HB-101s, these pickups also use Alnico 5 magnets, but have a hotter winding spec, based on the world's most popular "hot-rodded" humbucker. The bridge pickup is Trembucker-spaced." Any advice now?
  5. No No, I know it isnt worth thousands like the USA models but it's worth a hell of alot more than 150 bucks. I'm not expecting to get what a USA hamer is worth but am I wrong to think I should expect to get at LEAST 450.00 - 500.00 for it.? and I'm sorry but you're wrong on this this guitar This guitar has american parts EVEN the tuners. And FYi I got the info from Hamer directly, thats how I found out about the first run Korean models having mostly american parts. here's a pic of one that came from a later run Slammer Series (later than mine, found this pic on the net) notice this one has the Sunburst Archtop Head tag. Mine doesnt have that tag. Which again indicates a latter series without seeing his serial numbers hard to tell. http://www.guitar-village.co.uk/product-de...+Owned%2C+VG%2B so whatta ya think. 450 to 500 a fair price? NO i didnt pay 769. thats what he was asking for it, I ended up getting it with Case for 475.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here but I need some advice about this Hamer Slammer Series Studio Archtop GoldTop that I have. I've decided to sell it but dont know what to ask for it. What I do know is that even though this is a Slammer Series it holds a high value because of the time I purchased it (1993ish maybe 1994) This particular Model is one of the ones that came out of the first round Korean models. it says Made in Korea on the back of the head. Way back then before I purchased it I made some calls and researched it and what I found was, During the time Hamer went into the less expensive Korean made models, Hamer Slammer series were of the same quality as the USA models because most of the parts required to build them were supplied from the U.S. to get the korean models started and finally after comparing the 2 models (Hamer USA studio goldtop, vs Hamer Slammer Series Studio Goldtop) the only difference is in the pick ups, this Slammer Series has Duncans. Can anyone offer any more info on this particular Guitar or have any idea what a fair price would be? It's in MINT condition and still has the plastic protectors on the tuners and on the back entrance cover. NO Scratches at all and comes with the original Hard shell Case with the Hamer Logo. PLUS I still have the tag that was on it when it was in the store where they were asking $769.00 U.S. for it and that was WITHOUT the case. and lastly the reason it's in such great shape is because I only purchased it as a personal collectable THAT and when I tried it out at the store I fell in love with it's sound it was and still is One Bad Mamma Jamma... :-D Thanks
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