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  1. I guess I would consider a maple neck one. I have bad memories of older maple fretboard Strats and Teles with small frets and my fingertips sticking on the board. I know the Daytona has bigger, taller frets so that shouldn't be a problem. It would still have to be light though. That part is non negotiable. I have a Tele that weighs 8lbs. It is a nice player and sounder but it just doesn't get that much play because of the weight. In the 60s, 70s and 80s I was into mostly Les Pauls and weight was never a consideration. My, how things have changed.
  2. That all sounds about right to me. I looked for over a year to find a nice, fairly light weight (7lbs 12oz) T-51 with a rosewood board and butterscotch finish. I got it less than a month ago and now I am sold on Hamers. I have had 3 pre CBS Teles and this sounds as good as any or those, has better sustain and much better hardware. The pickups aren't half bad either. The type of wood doesn't matter to me as long as it looks good and is light. The T-51 is Southern Ash with a uniform grain pattern.
  3. Is it for sale? If so PM me with more info. Jim As do I After months of neglect Ipulled it out and played it some.Damn what a great Strat, I don't think I could sell it, thought I could before I played it again. Same with the Monaco III, both just too nice!!!! ArnieZ That Daytona would probably do nicely. I would like to find one somewhere around 7lbs 12oz or lighter if possible.
  4. Pickups are about the only non original parts I don't care about. I would probably go with Lollars anyway.
  5. Is it for sale? If so PM me with more info. Jim
  6. I an interested in the Hamer Daytonas. What is the approximate price range for one that is light, has a rosewood fret board and original or mostly original condition?
  7. I love the stock bridge. It has tons of sustain and good adjustibility.
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