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Found 5 results

  1. These are the pickups in an 86 Chap (set neck) that I am refretting. Does anyone know what they are?
  2. Anyone ever swap magnets in their pups? I tried an A8 in the Dimarzio Slammer pup that came in my Cali, but I didn't like it and put the A5 magnet back in. I'm tempted to try an A2 magnet in there but don't know whether it's worth the trouble, because if I try it, I'll also probably have to re-pot the pup as well. I'm just being lazy about it, so wondering if anyone tried it and what the results were.
  3. So what's the Pros & Cons of having 4 conductor lead wire rather than vintage push-back braid? I understand the idea of splitting coils somewhat but phase shifting and a lot of that I'm not sure I understand the advantage. I'm talking about warmed up PAF style pickups, not EMGs or real hot stuff. 8-10 or 12k. 2 humbuckers in a hog body. Mostly playing Blues, 60's rock and country. Thank you all in advance D
  4. My learned (ed) and esteem colleagues. I have a single pickup guitar where the pickup is a humbucker and is routed at an angle, the top leaning towards the neck, the back leaning towards the bridge (a la Kramer Baretta/BC Rich Gunslinger). The bass strings do not sound clear at all and when distorted the sound is fat but too fat and there is no audible distinction between the three wound strings, they all sound like a mush. I am thinking it is because the distance between the saddles (of the floyd) and the poles of the top of the pickup (where the bass strings sit) are almost 3 inches apart, so the sound lacks bite. What do I do, is it as simple as change the pup for a brighter sounding one, but then perhaps, have the treble strings sounding too bright? I am your humble servant.
  5. Hello fellow Hamer lovers! So I just picked up a 1982 Cruise Bass for $100 on Craig's List here in L.A. (non-original hard case and all) It plays beautifully and sounds great (despite being fitted with fake - yes, fake - EMGs). However, cosmetically it's been kind stripped, so I need a pickguard (custom pickguard makers won't make one unless you can send them the original) and, ideally, a truss rod cover with that cursive "Cruisebass" logo. A long shot I know, but if anyone knows of any such parts lying around anywhere, I'd be very interested in buying them. I wouldn't mind getting the period-correct pickups too (DiMarzios, right?) Thank you for reading!
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