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Found 6 results

  1. Talladega Studio Studio Wilky Not mine but an odd group of Hamers.
  2. I'm getting a Hamer TLE next week and was thinking of trying to make it a shorter scale, poor man's talladega. Maybe it's a bad idea, but why not try. Anyone have a Seymour Duncan Double D pickup they want to sell? I found a set, thanks.
  3. This image is on our own Hamer Fan Club title page. May have been in a Hamer catalog as well??? I have often lusted after this beauty and thought perhaps I would throw out a request to see if one of our HFC brethren has this awesome piece in their collection? Anyone own this guitar or know where it lives?
  4. So I own 2 Talladega's. One is Aztec Gold and is (according to the custom order certificate) completed on Jan.17th 2007, serial no. 755756. The other one is Black Transparent, I do not have a COA, and is from 2008, I do not know when in 2008, serial no. 856175. Now I see on Reverb, also posted in the For Sale forum on the HFC, a Talladega Amberburst from 2007, serial no. 755413. So the first thing to notice is that between my AG Tally and my BT Tally there have been 419 USA Hamers completed between Jan. 17th of 2017 and somewhere in 2008, in any case in more than 11 months. That is not a lot of guitars completed in a year, and it can be even more than a year. However the second thing that can be calculated is that between the 1st of January 2007 and the 17th of January 2007 at least 342 USA Hamers have been completed. So that is at least 342 USA Hamers completed in the first 2 weeks of 2007 and then at most 419 USA Hamers completed in the last 50 weeks of 2007 (and part of 2008). What am I doing wrong in my calculation? Is there an explanation for this? Had USA Hamer production already gone that low in 2007? Can it be that the Serial numbers are given not on completion but on start of building the guitar (although the certificate clearly states "completed on") and does that explain it? Hope somebody can chime in and enlighten me. Gabe
  5. FYI not mine $2950 https://reverb.com/item/7373538-hamer-talladega-pro-dark-burst
  6. So, as long as I am on a roll, why not post these here before elsewhere? So, here is a TENTATIVE, as something is in play. Situation.......The Tigers Eye is pretty much the fully tricked out "NAMM" sorta thing. The sunburst has been upgraded to Lollar Imperials.....I like the sound of those in this guitar better than the stock. The former was way over the top, cost wise. Having paid up for bling, I might as well keep it. Before the end of the week I will probably have decided to swap pups and sell the sunburst (returned to stock). That being the case, I am thinking $1800 net would be right in there, market-wise. Turner Model One. SOLD........Yep, get your L Buckingham on. This is the chambered version, pretty much fully tricked out with the usual rotating pup, piezo, blend, built-in 18 volt "boost/active tone" circuit, as well as coil split and wood upgrades. I do have two friends that have been interested for a while, but time passes and neither has sealed the deal. Netting $3200 seems in the ballpark, given the market (small as it might be). See: http://store.heartbreakerguitars.com/Rick-Turner-_c_13.html G&L Legacy Swamp ash, pretty much exactly what I think a "Strat" should be. But such guitars never quite "do it" for me. Maybe I should just buckle down and LEARN how to play one. Novel concept, that. Has a heavy duty gig bag, no HSC. I would like to think $750 net is not out of line. G&L Comanche Speaking of "Strats" not doing it for me. Bought this one new. It was going to be "the one". List, IIRC, was $3500 or thereabouts. Will get my butt handed to me here. Asking $1250 net. Feel free to ask about anything I have posted. And, yes, I DO know I could stand an intervention. But I have a wife that is a saint (as long as I keep the excess from spilling out into HER areas).