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The first guitar fan site on the internet

Over 20 Years and Counting

Hamer Guitar fanatic Ted Martin first started working with the web shortly after its inception.  Around 1994 he decided to post some pictures of his Hamers on a personal web page hosted by TwinTone Records.  

Alongside the pictures of the his guitars, Ted wrote that he was interested in creating a Hamer Guitar fan site and anyone interested in helping should contact him.  Lightning struck when Dr. Andrew Large, a collector and pre-eminent authority on Hamer Guitars, found the page and responded. 

The Guitar Fan Site is born

At that point in time the vast majority of people were NOT on the Internet, so the guitar and gear fan sites that are so common today did not exist before the Hamer Fan Club.
The success of the Hamer Fan Club is owed not only to Dr. Large’s excellent content but also the decision to include a message board.  This was monumental and became the lifeblood of HFC as Hamer enthusiasts around the world were able to connect, communicate, and develop life long friendships no matter where they lived in the world.

The HFC is the Members

Brothers Chris (Not Steve) and Steve (Not Chris) Matthes appeared.   Along the way there have been many others who have contributed and helped; Peter Fung, Mike Abene (Kizanski), BCR Greg, Brian Kellet, Joe Barbierri…

Hamer Embraces the HFC

Early on, Jol Dantzig, Frank Untermeyer and Frank Rindone at Hamer Guitars became aware of the HFC and embraced the site.  The company went as far as allowing customer service manager Kim Keller to officially represent the company on the forums.  This was huge!

Soon after, Ted Martin came up with an idea and asked Hamer if they were open to the idea of an open house where HFCers from far and near could come and tour the factory.   Hamer embraced the idea and the first Guitar Factory open house for enthusiasts was held and subsequently copied by pretty much everyone.

It was a great time to be a Hamer fanatic. 

Our Team

The Forum Moderators
This is by far one of the most thankless jobs ever but also the reason the HFC is The Greatest Messageboard on the Internet™.
Thank you, Mods.
The Founder: Ted Martin
The Expert and Co-Founder: Dr. Andrew Large
The Lifeblood: Chris Matthes
The Historian: Steve Matthes
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