The Hamer Standard

Shown: Sunburst and black models

The Hamer Standard is an exquisite example of patience and traditional craftsmanship. Each Standard is truly unique, requiring over two months to construct. Both body and neck are carved from the finest straight-grain British Honduras mahogany. This insures a resonance unparalleled by laminated instruments. In its most basic configuration the Standard is fitted with ivoroid binding, a two piece curly maple top, rosewood fingerboard and mother of pearl “dot” inlays. Hardware consists of Shaller tuners, two different humbucking pickups, a three way toggle switch and two tone and one volume controls. The bridge and tailpiece are adjustable for height and individual string intonation. A great number of options in both trim and electronics are available as well as a wide selection of colors and custom finishes. Custom work will be quoted upon request.

The Hamer Sunburst

Shown: Sunburst finish with crown inlay and cherry transparent with dot inlays.

The handbuilt Sunburst series guitar is available in two styles, “dot” and “crown”. The body is Honduras mahogany, accented by a one-piece curly maple overlay trimmed with ivoroid binding. The neck is carved from the same choice mahogany and is stressed in three directions for maximum stability. The carbon steel truss rod is fully adjustable allowing corrections for both warp and bow. The fingerboard is constructed of highly figured, furniture quality rosewood and both “dot” and “crown” inlays are cut from genuine mother of pearl. Twenty-two wide oval frets are used on a 243/4 ” scale. The unique solid brass bridge / sustain block combination offers individual string height and intonation adjustment. Electronics are exactly the same as the Hamer Standard. The control cavity is sandwiched by two shielding plates to filter out interference. Tuners are by Shaller. Output is via a studio quality jack anchored directly to the guitar body. The Sunburst series is finished in natural lacquers. Colors available are cherry Sunburst, transparent cherry, blue, yellow and green. Black is also available.

The Hamer Special

Shown: B&W “Graphic”, Sunburst finish, and opaque red.

The Hamer Special is the latest addition to the Hamer line. Its smoothly contoured body makes it comfortable to play. It is a favorite with performing musicians because of its straight ahead design. All hardware and materials are the same as the Hamer Sunburst series guitar with the exception of the contoured edges. The Hamer deep set double cutaway design allows access to the highest frets without having to change hand position. Colors available: Sunburst, transparent cherry, all- natural, yellow, green, opaque red, blue, green, orange and black. The Special is also available in B&W “graphic” finishes.

Hamer Eight String Bass

Shown: Sunburst finish

The Hamer Eight String Bass offers the range of both the bass and the guitar. The upper and lower strings can be played simultaneously or independently. (Four groups of two strings each. Each pair is tuned an octave apart.) The Eight String Bass ” features a maple body with curly maple both front and back. The neck is carved from the finest Honduras mahogany and is reinforced with a fully adjustable steel truss rod. The fingerboard is rosewood on a 301/2 ” scale. Tuners are by Shaller and are of two different sizes to ease the tuning of the octave strings. A wide range humbucking pickup is coupled to an active-preamp control system. One tone and one volume control are used along with a three position tone switch. An on/off switch and LED indicator preserve battery life. The Hamer bridge features eight string saddles for individual string intonation, so critical on multi-string basses.

Hamer Long-Scale Four String Basses

(not pictured)

Custom order basses available in double cutaway or Hamer Standard body style. Single or double pickup designs available, with or without active preamp.

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*Reprinted from the Hamers 1981 literature


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