The Best of the HFC – Vol 4

2020 has been far from a standard year. The normal life you used to live at this point might seem like something of a mirage, but hopefully Coronavirus has not had too much of an impact on you.

In this, the unofficial 25th Anniversary of the HFC, we will attempt to somehow eclipse what will come to be known as the Year of COVID-19 by bringing you a special 19-track HFC compilation, The Best of the HFC Vol 4!

As the wheels of confusion continue to turn, emposing a cornucopia of changes the likes of which we had not anticipated, this compilation gifts us with the finest assortment of musical stylings assembled under the Sun.
Tomorrow’s dream is the hope for health, happiness, used Hamers and new Shishkovs.


Assembled during the Craptastic COVID-19 year of 2020.


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