HFC Glossary

Here are some HFC-centric abbreviations to help you save time and anxiety whilst navigating The Greatest Messageboard on the Internet™.
You won’t find the everyday, commonplace abbreviations, like FS, WTB, PSA, etc. here.   These are the ones you’re only likely to find on the HFC.

NHD – “New Hamer Day” or “New To Me Hamer Day”. After the PSA and the FS/FA posts, hopefully there is a NHD. You bought a new (or new to you) Hamer, you damned well better show it off.

IBS – “In Bad Shape”.  A person we know or a celebrity has fallen ill.  He might even already be dead.  Either way, he’s IBS.

TDC – “The Dying Continues”. An alternative to “IBS”, this person has died, as humans tend to do.  When will there be a cure for all of this dying? Nobody knows, but we’re going to continue to keep track as TDC.

NHRIBS – “Now He’s REALLY In Bad Shape”. A person finds him/herself IBS, and then the situation worsens. This is applicable even after IBS and TDC posts.

DMK,LI – “Drop More Knowledge, Less Innuendo”. You’re hinting around that you know something or you have inside knowledge about something or someone, even though you can’t share it, but for some reason felt compelled to mention it anyway.  DMK, LI. Just spill it or shut it.

COCV – “Crack On Crack Violence”. This is used when you see a guitar or bass for sale with an exorbitant asking price. This is several steps past the point of  “Is this guy kidding?”, “This guy is on crack,” or “Crack kills.”

LATFB – “Look At Those F***ing Boots”.  I mean, look at them.

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