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    1996 USA CA Elites, 1985 Charvel Model 4, Taylor/ Ramirez/ Takamine/ Carvin acoustics
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    1991 Recto full stack, 1987 X-100B 1/2 stack, Line 6 75watt combo
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    Rocktron Guitar Silencers, Boss pedals (misc), Line 6 Pod

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    Los Angeles, CA
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    Hamer & Taylor Guitars, MotoGP, Rotary engine sports cars, and all tech things Apple...
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  2. Very sad news indeed... I'm relieved I got my order in with Greg @ BCR b4 this happened... Greg, is there any chance that they will complete the open orders by NAMM or are we still looking at a 1-year delivery time time in 2013?
  3. i <3 orange chicken

  4. I <3 Hamer Guitars

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