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  1. Nope. That was the guitar bug from AKG. Gone for years.
  2. I have been using the boss WL Dash 50 since it came out. Mine has hundreds and hundreds of live gigs under it’s built and it still works flawlessly.
  3. Bills daughter Stephanie just texted me to say that Bill just passed on all of a sudden. Bill was a great guy. Big, loud, fun. He would leave his job as a taxi driver and take his cab to drive from NYC to Lemoyne to hang out in my shop. He loved 12 string basses and coffee. He will be missed.
  4. Matt Baker at Action Music in Arlington. He’s fantastic. Tell him I sent you. http://www.actionguitar.com
  5. Reeeeeeecharrrrd makes a fine pickup, indeed. you can see all the dirty details of this build on my insta…gregplatzerguitars.
  6. Been busy. https://www.instagram.com/gregplatzerguitars/
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