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  1. I also like thinner necks. I think you would want to look for a 1991 or 1992 sunburst or special. The sunburst from this era is just like an archtop studio. Name changed around 1994 or so. I think the neck widths started getting to a more medium size during 1993. Here are some real measurements at the 1st 5th and 12th frets width and depth: 1991 Sunburst (studio) .785, .801, .822 width 1.736, 1.874, 2.057 1992 Sunburst (studio) .784, .801, .820 width 1.713, 1.862, 2.056 2008 Newport .853, .875, .912 width 1.726, 1.863, 2.056 Interesting how consistent the widths are from 1991 to 2008
  2. It has a Brazilian fretboard so it probably would be worth $2250. But that pickguard is terrible. There are a lot of rather large white marks on the back too. I've always wanted a Brazilian studio but that one is depressing.
  3. Hi Lou one of my guitar students wants the guitar and wants to buy it. Please contact me at texwest@hotmail.com. Messaging system on here not working.
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