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  1. texwest

    Grounding to eliminate P90 Hum

    All the Hamers I've owned had the ground wire connected to the bridge or tailpiece. If you open the control cavity you will see a wire disappear into a hole that goes to the tailpiece bolt. I have had this disconnect once and it created more hum. So you might want to check it for continuity with a multimeter. Test from the bridge to the jack.
  2. texwest

    Amp Buzzing

    That capacitor could definitely be the problem. I recently had a new hum on my old princeton reverb. Opened it up and there was a filter capacitor that looked very similar to this. Replaced it and it was super quiet again.
  3. Pretty sure he played this exact guitar P-90 Les Paul on Another Brick in the Wall pt2
  4. texwest

    Best pinched harmonic.

    You gotta give Eddie credit for the tapped harmonics at the beginning of this solo. 3:10 They aren't easy to get.
  5. texwest

    Best pinched harmonic.

    There is a great pinched harmonic in Hotel California during one of the choruses. It's a fill lick, but oh so musical. At about 3:00 Of course I have to give credit for Gilmour's pinch at the beginning of the Comfortably Numb solo. That one is so recognizable that I actually memorized where to touch the string to get it right. And of course the Reverend on La Grange gave us all a great lesson in this. I would say probably the most important early work in pinch harmonics. It was sooo cool when he just kept bending up to E over and over and over and moved around to change the pitch of the harmonic!
  6. It's still for sale. Looks like the GC link is working again.
  7. texwest

    Neck Dimensions

    You know my results are probably because I wouldn't buy a guitar with a chunky neck that goes over .900. So I stand corrected.
  8. texwest

    Neck Dimensions

    I always measure necks at the 1st 5th and 12th frets both width and depth. I have measured and write them down on every guitar I've owned for many years, so I pretty much know what I like. It's very uncommon for guitar neck to add over .100 from 1st to 12th. A guitar that starts at .817 would usually go no higher than .880 at the 12th. Going all the way up to .934 is a pretty big change.
  9. Yes those Sylvanias are very nice. Many years ago I bought a whole bunch of Tungsram and Sylvania 12ax7's for my personal use. Enough for the rest of my life. They were the ones that sounded great that didn't already cost an arm and a leg, like the Mullards and Bugle boys. I actually like the Tungsram and Sylvanias better anyway!
  10. texwest

    Vox AC15 H1TV tube replacement

    Yes they are cathode biased but you still need to be careful to not run the tubes too hot. These new vox amps are often running tubes at 120-125% dissipation. It's really part of the sound but it will take out tubes fast if they aren't hearty. And the new production tubes aren't that hearty. If a cathode biased amp is running a too hot bias you can change it by adjusting the cathode resistor.
  11. I third, leave them in if you like the sound and they aren't starting to redplate. It's all about the tone right! Of course Friedman has to choose some sort of new tubes for his newly made amps! So no contradiction there really. I recently put new Svetlana's in a guys 74 Marshall and they sounded killer. I bought the burned in for 40 hours ones thinking they might be more reliable that way. I've had so many problems with new tubes, that I would hope if they run for 40 hours the bad ones will fail before I buy them. The new Tung sol 12ax7's sound about as good as alot of NOS tubes. Less than $20 each. Not as reliable if you put them in a socket that is a cathode follower circuit. V2 of an old Marshall.
  12. I use 0000 steel wool to clean old NOS tube pins. I don't see the problem as long as you spray all the loose bits off the tube with compressed air. Been doing this for years and had no problem. Using contact cleaner with lubricant on tubes or sockets seems like a very very bad idea to me. Especially power tubes and their ability to arc between socket connections. The QR Contact Cleaner dries off very clean with no residue. So that's a good option for cleaning sockets or tube pins.
  13. texwest

    Vox AC15 H1TV tube replacement

    The new production tubes are pretty unreliable these days. I've had several failures in the past year after installing them in some guys amps. One problem with EL84's is that they are run so hot in these voxes they will redplate and blow the fuse. When you buy new tubes you should always buy from people who know specifically what mA rating will work in that amp. Even if you do that you can still have problems. EL84's are not plug and play anymore. They need to be tested for current draw (mA) and then you can ask them: Will these tubes work in this particular amp? The regular old chinese EL84's that vox uses are more reliable in their amps than other new production tubes including JJ's. This is from my own observations in testing the bias and watching for redplating in my own and customers amps.
  14. texwest

    Electra EP-401

    I would pull the cover and see how hard it is to spray it into the opening where the three leads go inside the pot. Usually with circuit boards it can be hard to spray into the pots because the opening faces the circuit board and is very close to it. But you can bend the spray can tube into a J shape and get it in there. You can also buy tubes that are made to do this. I also like the Caig faderlube for this application. But it can make a bit of a mess on the circuit board because it has lube in it. So if some of it drips out on the board, I will spray the board with CRC QD contact cleaner. This will evaporate and remove any residues left on your circuit board. Don't spray the CRC into the pots once you use the faderlube. These use chemicals that aren't good for you so I recommend using medical latex or vinyl gloves and doing this outside.
  15. texwest

    Decking a Floyd

    I did this to a non-deckable (is that a word?) G&L vibrato once and it worked very well. Jeff's idea of the rosewood is great.