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  1. I also like thinner necks. I think you would want to look for a 1991 or 1992 sunburst or special. The sunburst from this era is just like an archtop studio. Name changed around 1994 or so. I think the neck widths started getting to a more medium size during 1993. Here are some real measurements at the 1st 5th and 12th frets width and depth: 1991 Sunburst (studio) .785, .801, .822 width 1.736, 1.874, 2.057 1992 Sunburst (studio) .784, .801, .820 width 1.713, 1.862, 2.056 2008 Newport .853, .875, .912 width 1.726, 1.863, 2.056 Interesting how consistent the widths are from 1991 to 2008
  2. It has a Brazilian fretboard so it probably would be worth $2250. But that pickguard is terrible. There are a lot of rather large white marks on the back too. I've always wanted a Brazilian studio but that one is depressing.
  3. Hi Lou one of my guitar students wants the guitar and wants to buy it. Please contact me at texwest@hotmail.com. Messaging system on here not working.
  4. Yes they are going for as much as Deluxe Reverbs now. It seemed like the right time to sell.
  5. It says Sold on reverb and here. It's just fun selling to a well known player. Back in 2006 I sold a Marshall 2203 JCM800 to John Fogerty on Ebay. I later saw him on Soundstage and he had a couple of them on stage with him.
  6. Tbone got this right! When I started reading about hertz differences I was about to correct this misconception myself.
  7. I had problems with brand new JJ el84's last year. It's not uncommon for brand new tubes to bite the dust very quickly. I always buy new production from sellers who will stand behind the tubes. As far as 12ax7's there are two that I think sound really good and are affordable. The Tung Sol reissue and the Chinese 12ax7B. The chinese ones are under $10 at Antique Electronic Supply. But you cannot use the tungsol on any position that is a cathode follower or it will fail very quickly. The Chinese ones will do well in a socket that is a cathode follower. You can search about your amp and try to find out if you have a cathode follower in the circuit. Both Voxes and Marshalls have cathode followers. So you can't use certain preamp tubes that have a spiral filament.
  8. Selling one of my Princeton's. I don't need a backup anymore. It's in great shape. Check out the listing on reverb for more details. https://reverb.com/item/21810174-fender-princeton-reverb-vintage-1965-blackface-original-speaker
  9. I've had my ears fitted for custom earplugs twice and fit them with ER-15 filters. It sounds pretty damn good except they buff the highs just a tiny bit. I believe my audiologist sent my molds to place called westlab. I would recommend it.
  10. Yes you will need to get it rebiased. The bias pot is on the inside of the amp for that one. You could learn to do it, but I won't recommend it unless you can get someone to show you how to do it safely. There are DC voltages in excess of 450 volts inside the amp and if you touch them it can kill you!! Repeat, the amp has to be ON to check bias and when you are probing inside a running amp and slip and touch the wrong thing , it can kill you! Don't do it unless you have an experienced tech teach you. If I had sold that amp, I would have bought new tubes, rebiased it, then listed it for sale and sold it. I think you are right to be disappointed with this situation. He probably had nice tubes in it that he wanted to keep. It isn't right in my opinion.
  11. I've installed bias pots on a couple of my old Mark II boogies and been very happy about it. The 6L6 boogies are biased way too cold for me. What's strange though is that some of the el84 boogies are biased way too hot. Go figure! You can tell a difference in the sound too. Just put your bias rite on it and play until you like it and make sure that's not biased too hot with the meter. Occasionally I found a warm bias to sound too muddy and backing it off even a little bit sounds better.
  12. Some of the amps do it right and have 1 ohm resistors from cathode to ground and the bias probes are connected to these. That way if you measure the voltage it will give you the approximate current in mA. Bias probe points done right are a very nice feature especially if the bias adjustment is on the outside of the chassis. I've installed 1 ohm resistors to a lot of guys amps and it makes biasing a snap.
  13. You're right the market is soft right now. These sold for bigger prices last year. I lowered the price again, but if I can't sell it for a decent price I might wait.
  14. Unfortunately a video on how to drain filter caps is good for people to know, but won't help much. When biasing, the amp has to be running while you adjust the bias. You have to be VERY careful while probing around inside a running amp. I recommend extreme caution when the bias pot is inside the amp. Fender really did it right compared to other manufacturers. On the old amps the bias pot is on the outside of the chassis and you can easily use one of those bias meters on the tube sockets and adjust the bias without even opening up the chassis.
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