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  1. In my search for a Newport I saw that Hamer made a similar model in the Monaco but it's a singlecut and longer scale. How similar are they in sound? I've watched several nice Newport videos to get an idea of the guitars overall tone but I haven't been able to find any recording of the regular Monaco only the Elite and the Monaco III, is there anything out there I can listen to? What is everyone overall opinion of it?
  2. Congrats! I had one for a few years as well. Very comfortable and easy playing guitar. I think the solid rosewood neck with the khaya body sounds great. The switching is interesting too, with the 2nd and 4th positions splitting the inside and outside coils.
  3. Haha, great song and yes I always thought it was a neat innovation and different look. Thank you!
  4. Yeah, they are an interesting design and versatile guitar. It's a shame the Reflex didn't offer more colors and didn't catch on. I've heard part of the reason they stopped making them was the cost to manufacture as well.
  5. Thank you, it's the last of my Music Man guitars to go and a great guitar
  6. Excellent condition Music Man 25th anniversary guitar. Venetian Red burst flame maple top, chambered basswood body, birdseye maple neck, rosewood fretboard. Custom Dimarzio pickups, 5 way switch and series/parallel switch, compensated nut, hardtail bridge, locking tuners. I'm the original owner, comes with case and case candy. Typical excellent music man build quality and playability SOLD Thank you Shipped CONUS
  7. Thank you for all the thoughtful replies and helpful info, I appreciate it. That's a good point gtrdaddy, each neck is unique and they're going to feel different so no need in obsessing. As far as which one, I might just wait for the right Newport as what I'm looking for is a nice Hollowbody guitar. You never know, I might end up with one of each! Thanks again everybody!
  8. That's a beautiful pair of guitars you have there. Thank you for the help! It looks like 1 and 21/32 or 1.65 nut width similar to the Newport I was looking at. The description of the neck profile helps too, I prefer a more rounded C. Thanks again!
  9. Hi everybody, I was thinking about picking up a Vanguard and I was wondering with the neck width is on them? I've seen specs list them at 1 5/8" but artists listed at 1 11/16", wouldn't they be the same neck shape? The Vanguard I'm looking at is a 1999 year, I'm not sure if they changed throughout the years. Also, the other guitar I'm looking for is a Newport, should I wait and get the hollowbody or do they get close enough? If anybody has a clean Newport please let me know. Thank you
  10. Thank you, I saw it listed as 1.65 but others listed as 1 11/16 so I wasn't sure if it was different during various years
  11. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone knew what the nut width was on the Hamer USA Newport's was? Is the nut with the same across all USA Hamer models? Thank you
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