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  1. Due to shipping costs, I'd rather not split the two. Hamer Guitars Documentary "Building an American Legend" DVD and "The Ultimate - An Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars" book. Both in very good / excellent condition. $35 OBO + $15 USPS Priority Shipping. PayPal Friends & Family. US only.
  2. The Tube Amp Book (Aspen Pittman), Vacuum Tube Amplifier Basics (EJ Jurich), The Guitar Amp Handbook (Dave Hunter) and Guitar Amplifier Electronics Basic Theory (Richard Kuehnel). Honestly, all but Hunter's book was abover my head (or willingness to put it sufficient effort). All books are "as new", except Hunter's which has been highlighted and annotated. $40 / OBO + $15 USPS Priority Shipping. PayPal Friends and Family. US only.
  3. Welcome back, we were worried about you.

    1. Michael_B


      My kids were visiting, which messed with my priorities.

  4. Fun song from 15 years ago by The Scabs: And another, more slick version, by former-Scabs frontman Bob Schneider on Austin City Limits.
  5. I've heard lots of covers of this tune, and never a bad one. Moments ago, I heard Roger Creager cover it. It's an indestructable classic.
  6. The guitar was so fine, I had to look it up. George Benson.
  7. I just discovered the good works of the Numero Group, a company dedicated to re-releasing "lost gems" of soul, R&B and funk, from the 60s and 70s.
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