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  1. Due to shipping costs, I'd rather not split the two. Hamer Guitars Documentary "Building an American Legend" DVD and "The Ultimate - An Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars" book. Both in very good / excellent condition. $35 OBO + $15 USPS Priority Shipping. PayPal Friends & Family. US only.
  2. The Tube Amp Book (Aspen Pittman), Vacuum Tube Amplifier Basics (EJ Jurich), The Guitar Amp Handbook (Dave Hunter) and Guitar Amplifier Electronics Basic Theory (Richard Kuehnel). Honestly, all but Hunter's book was abover my head (or willingness to put it sufficient effort). All books are "as new", except Hunter's which has been highlighted and annotated. $40 / OBO + $15 USPS Priority Shipping. PayPal Friends and Family. US only.
  3. It's a spectacular guitar. Like @django49, I have to restrain myself from buying it back while I'm in a gear-reduction-mode. Damn.
  4. Very good condition. Ding on the back of the neck. More pics here. Pictured with the original Seth Lovers, the guitar has Lollar'Trons installed and has been set-up with EXL-115W. Original pickups will be included in the case. Ebony board. $1900, shipped (Cont US) and insured.
  5. Excellent condition. More pics here. $2700, shipped (Cont US) and insured. Sold.
  6. Just came across this, and found the cross-cultural music influences to be interesting, both in concept and execution. The J-Music Ensemble swings.
  7. I bought a Squier strat body and planned to install a 2-Tek bridge. Some technical challenges and a reconsideration of the costs has put me on the fence, since the beginning of the year. My Tele-Dega project left me underwhelmed, for esthetic reasons, which helped take the wind out of my sails on projects.
  8. I've read many good things about that speaker. I installed the Jensen C12Q, which came with the kit.
  9. I can try to do it, with the cheap mic that I own.
  10. For years, I've been interested in learning more about tube amps by building one. I finally got off my duff and ordered a Mojotone 5E3 kit. Perhaps because it was so easy to put together, it felt more like I "assembled" it, rather than "built" it. While it was less of a sense of accomplishment than I expected, I'm happy to have completed it, and the 5E3 is a nice amp/circuit to own. I haven't yet come to fully understand the Fender 4-input circuit, and the idiosyncracies of the 5E3. Since I live in an apartment, I'm waiting on an attenuator to fully appreciate how the circuit affects tone. Here are my take-aways: It was a relatively easy project, and I recommend the 5E3 for anyone considering a first amp build. More than any other resource, I learned far more about tube amps, in general, and the 5E3, in particular, from Rob Robinette's great site. I learned more from his site, than I did from assembling the amp. Assembly was not particularly edifying to me, since it's assembled in a very different order than the electron flow. Mojotone's eyelet board did not come pre-drilled for the screwholes necessary to attach it to the chasis. The instructions did not specify when to drill it. As a result, I had to drill it, after all the components were already installed. It was a minor PITA. I'd recommend doing that as step 1 and it would be helpful to make a crude template to lay across the eyelet board prior to drilling. Mojotone's assembly instructions were quite poor and unhelpful. In contrast, their colored layout diagram was great. Regardless of whether one chooses a Mojotone kit, I'd recommend using their layout diagram. I aimed to have a neat and tight assembly, by tailoring the leads to be no longer than necessary. This made fixing my mistakes difficult, and in some cases impossible without ordering replacement parts. I believe this poor decision will also make further modding the amp more difficult and destructive than I want it to be. I'd recommend leaving the leads longer than one sees in a picture of a beautiful and tidy completed chasis. I believe that the ground switch is, basically, a hat-tip to the vintage design rather than of any practical use. I wish I had used the space on the chasis for a master volume. On the other hand, I'm not confident that I'd have easily figured out how to do that.
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