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  1. Michael_B

    Newport Pups

    At this point, to be honest, it's too bright. The pickups need adjustment, but I'm waiting until after I install th EXL-115w set (ETA Sunday).
  2. Michael_B

    Newport Pups

    I went ahead and did it the hard way. It's who I am. Minor PITA. I I put an EXL-120 set on it, until my EXL-115w (wound 3rd) arrives. That's when it goes to a pro to adjust the nut. Thanks to @FGJ for giving me the impetus to make the swap. It's nice to have a Filter'Tron hollowbody, again.
  3. Michael_B

    Newport Pups

    Makes sense. Of course, my inclination is to always do things the hard way. Maybe, I'll show some sense this time.
  4. Michael_B

    Newport Pups

    @FGJ, what did you end up going with? FWIW, this thread inspired me to: (1) put Phat Cats into a Studio and (2) put Filter'trons (actually, Lollar'Trons) into a Newport Pro. I'm very pleased with the Phat Cats in the Studio, so far, despite the pickups being only roughly set-up. The 'Trons haven't yet arrived. This will be my first attempt at swapping pickups in a hollow-body; somewhat nervous about how that can go awry.
  5. The first few times I played the AST, it raised my eyebrows. I was just playing it, a bit too loud for my apartment. It opens up beautifully and sounds fantastic.
  6. In my guns/guitar-gear finagling, I ended up with several tube amps. I'm cutting loose the nicest of the bunch, the Swart AST with footswitch, "pro" and original back panels and padded cover. It's an early build (#69), which Swart informed me offers a bit more dirt than current models. Excellent condition. Asking $1650, shipped (PayPal).
  7. I picked up an Artist P90 mahogany, with -10% Fralins, because that guitar was relatively cheap. It became my #1 guitar, until I gave it to my son. @rugby1970 was gracious enough to sell me his beautiful Artisit Korina P90, as a replacement, and I installed -5% Fralins. The Artist Korina 90 is now my #1, although I wish I had put -10% in it.
  8. Chuck Berry. Hell, he'd be the first to tell you.
  9. Michael_B

    Newport Pups

    Personally, I'm very fond of both Phat Cats and TVJ Classics. I'd vote for going with TVJ Classics just to change things up. Have you considered having the rewired guitar set up so that a subsequent swap won't be difficult? I've wired quick disconnect connections into guitars, and have been happy with it. My tech told me they should be shielded, but I never noticed an issue. I suppose one could wrap the connections in shielded tape. FWIW, I think the fine print of the TVJ Classics User's Agreement requires you switch to a wound G.
  10. I had a set in a Strat. Jack of all trades, master of none, IMO.
  11. Whoo doggey, that's a peach.
  12. Michael_B

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Fun song from 15 years ago by The Scabs: And another, more slick version, by former-Scabs frontman Bob Schneider on Austin City Limits.
  13. Michael_B

    Recommend: Attenuator, +/- $300 Used

    Turns out to be the case
  14. Michael_B

    Favorite Strat Wiring Schemes

    And the tone controls?