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  1. Erhugherd... I disabled my account like... almost a year ago by putting the password incorrectly a multitude of times... and then further debauchery ensued with email.... finally, with the help of a couple members, it got fixed!!!! If you’re not familiar, I’m Shannon Huss, owner of HEL guitars, former bench monkey at BCR with Greg, I’ve done work for a good many of the members of this forum, some in conjunction with Styke, some with Greg, some just randomly found me on their own!!!! With the “Virus” out there and my store closed to the public... I’ve gone back into the home shop and and getting caught up on builds and paintwork. I got some updates and such on peoples projects... but here’s the very latest off the bench... hand cut BCR “Spear” inlays to replicate the 12 string neck that this neck goes with..and a full refret in jescar 57104n ( hope this pic link works, my message board - fu is lacking!!!!) there’s some Hamer related stuff to be forthcoming.. A Scepter that I Just finished polishing out and will begin assembly asap, some LED backlit Boomie inlays, and a super secrete squirrel project thats gonna be coool!
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