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  1. EVHFV


    I'm a tough sell when it comes to original music from independent artists. For me, when someone has been signed to a recording contract, their music is at a level that achieves that recognition. While there are independent artists that are just as good (and sometimes never get to that next level), usually there's a difference in the songwriting that just doesn't grab me as much as "recording artists". Not a cut on anyone anywhere....it's just me. This however, I feel is at that higher level.....easily!!! I'd throw this song on a mix CD with the best of 'em!!! Plain and simple...a great song. There's an Ozzy vibe to the vocals to me, as well. LOVE it!!!
  2. They have been doing this for many years. They pull a kid out of the audience from the front row, and give them the guitar. They are always lower-end guitars. I know someone whose daughter got 2 of them several years ago at shows...but not 2 years in a row. I've seen pictures somewhere (I forget where, or who from, but I'm sure on Facebook somewhere from a member of the band) where there are dozens and dozens of the guitars lined up on tables, waiting to be autographed for these giveaways. I think that currently, the guitars a model of Gibson Les Paul, but I'm not 100% positive about that.
  3. I have to admit I'm a bit bummed that Kev sold this guitar. I also don't see any activity from the band on their website. I was hoping to see that guitar get continued use at European festivals for years to come.
  4. Very good!!! Awesome band, as well. Not an easy band to discover in the States, but glad I did! So now, can you connect him to Hamer guitars?
  5. Just because. Also, I bet nobody knows who he is. 6 degrees of separation to Hamer guitars, too.
  6. We've all seen many pictures of this guitar and its owner, but how about a little video action??? It's cool to see and hear it in motion!!!
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