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    2021 Shishkov Single Cut Supreme!,2017 Shishkov MS JR! 2001 Hamer Artist Mahogony Black, 2001 Hamer Newport,
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    Marsh 5G9 Tremolux Replica, Magnatone M10a, Magnatone M14, Vintage 47 Trem-O-Tone, LilDawg ChocoDawg, Juke Coda,

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    Land of Shishkov, formerly Hamerville, (CT)
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    Christianity, guitars, rock and roll

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  1. Both are so cool I am beside myself!
  2. @bubs_42 I call dibs, Right Now!
  3. Cyclone channel is on the dust devil. I figured why not add the BF channel for just a bit more.
  4. The small Presbyterian denomination I belong to is mostly hymns and no electric geetar, though I have seen 2 bass players, though.
  5. Two amps with NOS tubes, both Winfields, a Tremor and a Dust Devil. They will be a mid Feb delivery.
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