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  1. Whadda friend in this video. Joel Dantzig! Hammer!! With friends like this, who needs PR? Almost like Kiz done it!
  2. His history is old, so old there is a forum for it! That old!
  3. My wife was interested to know. 😬
  4. History is against this statement. Great guitars? Yes. Pickup selection? Not to my ears.
  5. In one sense you are right, but it's more the demise of guitar as the popular culture instrument of choice.... The Kemper and other stuff like it, are great cause they give you flexibility.... You can be the best airbrush artist, and find photoshop lacking, but try making changes to your old school air brush work, it's difficult, but with photoshop it's workable... You record a record on an old Valco... but it's not gonna be durable or loud enough for anything but a barroom...So you play a Deluxe or Mesa .... but what if you have a record that uses a Hiwatt, a Vox, a Marshall, an old Magnatone... each using "signature sounds" That Kemper is gonna be a hot dog of helper!
  6. After reading up o n reviews, Blackstar it is!! Thank You Jack C and everyone else. Rodi
  7. Seeing it was going to be a little gift, I got my answer! Thanks!
  8. https://marshall.com/marshall-amps/products/amps/micro-amp/ms-2 Who loved em or not?
  9. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/NEWPORT-PRO-Hollow-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc No affiliation
  10. A Shishkov will get you way further in the value market, and be a world beater
  11. 0054


    Just looked into them the other day, that's cool!
  12. " It was not the "prettiest" of the batch, BUT......." Who doesn't love eye candy with guitars, right? My issue, being a frugal guy (ok, cheap ass) is the beauty sometimes makes the cost go way up, it's not the look, but the sound, how it plays.... and who can say that sometimes a Les Paul Jr. sounds like the greatest guitar in the world, while a flame top Les Paul looks like the best in the world? Of course sometimes the plain jane sounds plain jane, and the jewel sounds like a jewel... but (cheap ass alert, cheap ass alert) bargains abound on the plain janes. Ok, it's just me, "Cheap Ass"
  13. My prob, Kiz, I don't sell chit, so it's got to be the one!
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