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  1. Recently (has to be real recently) the website is gone. I have RIchF's VAC25 and it's fantastic... took me a bit to get used to the amp. But it's fantastic. I think we are heading to a closing time of the golden age of guitars and amps.... all the people with disposable income are younger and not buying guitars n amps... and who's gonna be the next valvetech amp builder? Thankfully, there are more than enough amps out there for me and the next full generation, as far as I can tell. To round this out, I think this shrinking market makes the Shishkov model of guitar building a strong one.
  2. 0054


    Cocaine, tax free in CT too!
  3. 0054


    That's way cool~ I love wraptails too. I can't remember exactly but at some point you were talking about single cut vs double cuts, and you liked single cuts better for tone, less bark perhaps. What made you decide to go with a double cut? I have my thoughts (If the double cut is that good, why not order a single cut!), but I was really curious why you picked the double cut. There is much to like and get ideas from your build, congrats all the way around.
  4. Nope, can't do that. Was sort of curt, but, then again, so am I.
  5. I contacted him about trem, nope! Great amp.
  6. The bee is pretty funny, and even handed...
  7. Just let me pickup 0090... I'm that close!
  8. I'm frightened to give my money away... to see what the outer circle has been saying about me, LOL!!!
  9. EMG Pickups, Duncan Pickups, Gold Hardware, overly ornate, I like solid color guitars, so as much as I think quilts and stripes look amazing, I must hate em, cause I've only owned two guitars with even a fade/burst... Tune o Matics.... though I have two Hamers with em... I love me some expensive and vintage geetars, but they are out of my peasant league, but saving for cool assed ones that are within savings reach, that's my mountain. I keep seeing B&G guitars on FB and in ads, but I don't like em one bit, and their schtick don't stick with me.
  10. There is a trust that has to be made on a guitar you simply cant yet play. I want a 1959 Les Paul. There is experience, legend and a cultural vibe to a 59 Les Paul. Mike started his business after the guitar rush had died so his market is quite a bit smaller, more sophisticated (except me, I will note!) buyer. The stumble is in words or lack of them, but I think Mike is a great translator of ideas words and even utterance thrown his way to building great guitars. He's a master builder, that is true, but that's just the start, he loves guitars and making people what they want. He is pretty flexible too. I think he loves challenges, and sometimes it takes more time. We are talking about high level on a tightrope. Jakeboy, I think building the guitar to specs you really want based on your owning many high level guitars (not as high as Django, but man that's some rare air there, ain't it?) and amps, you boiled 006 down to what you wanted in an Ultimate... I think that is the success of each guitar Mike has built. Each one sold has sold for more than new, as far as I can tell, or damn close... But I'd rather have a new one built... cause I like dis n dat and someone else may not exactly. I hate Mike, he's making retirement impossible, but his guitars are cool as can be, and it's reflection of him, his team and I dig that. That's some kind of setup Django.... it's almost as dizzying as a typical Mesa Amp, too many choices and one wrong move!!
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