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  1. This thread really impresses upon me that the Monaco family is really much bigger an more varie than most of the other Hamer line up. Love seeing them all!
  2. Totally agree, he makes really nice guitars, but they are top notch partscasters (not cheap either, over 1600 for old barn wood model I looked at several years ago). Never one to diss a Telecaster, but, compared to a Newport, those are fighting words!
  3. OK, so I am late to the Hamer game, I got back into guitars in 2012. One of the first guitars I read up on was an M iii . Tonequest report with Kiz friend Jol, I was agagga. Couldn't afford one, way out of my league. I got an Artist. Then I was looking a couple years later, couldn't afford one. Got a Newport. Then I really loved the Monaco model. Couldn't really afford one. Put money down on my Shishkov. Then I got a bass and a T51 (both gone), and the Monaco was still too much. Each time they came in reasonably priced, I had just spent my cash. But dang. If I'm gonna spend that much money, I'm getting a Shishkov, which 0101 is a mashup of my best Monaco things and other nicieties of the Hamer past. Still kinda regret not getting one though. 25.5 scale beauties!
  4. Avacado night, great color, hides the imperfections!
  5. I love all kindsa of em, seeing what specs people choose, it is very daunting; my eyes and dreamy imagination get away from me. At the end of the day, I check my wallet and my ears. If a guitar has great tone wood and is quilted, tiger striped or some other natural beauty and no more cost, I will jump. However, I usually prefer Mahogany. I confess that mid century Jrs are my standard bearer. If it sounds good, it is all I need. This is why I overwhelmingly purchase solid color guitars This has been my rule of thumb. Of course rules were meant to be broken.
  6. Lotsa stuff going on in the foothills of CT
  7. The Litigation from the American School of the Deaf* has yet to be settled. * Making fun of my guitar skillscand me, not any deaf folk
  8. 0101s grubby owners eyes were on that one, it is beautiful!
  9. Champagne in color, but it's a great guitar upgraded to G-Trons, really makes it something else!
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