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  1. That guitar looks real, people pay shit tons to relic guitars and they always look like plastic. This looks authentic. I bet you were drawn in by the color and loved how it played. Point 2 (was there a point 1?LOL), Good conversation starter with Lita Ford
  2. But it wasn't even close, Johnny was that raw/rare exception in the fact he was real and Kiss is fronted by two pancake makeup accountants who have that motto "KIss and Sell".
  3. Shadow Morton produced, more in the lines of the girl group era he was famous for. Totally looser than the premiere. I love how the album ends with sax, on human being. Good Gawd, get me outta here!
  4. Hey, where'd ya get that beat? Sylvain, he was a great foil for Thunders both musically and personality wise. They had great banter on stage. I'm sad.
  5. The new one is gonna be a rocker with a nod. All will be revealed and it will be another Shishkov gem. For me it is the zenith of a combination of guitars I have wanted through time. Mike and team really work at kicking it up from the norm. I think what makes Shishkov guitars so amazing is you can have plain jane (like mine) but they are so visually stunning in their design and execution.
  6. No affil, https://reverb.com/item/16034132-the-first-hamer-standard-bass-custom-built-for-tom-petersson-1974-green-sunburst
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