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  1. Neck is beautiful! Hopefully by summer there will be an esquire in my house! Dave promptly shipped the item, great deal all the way around! Love the HFC, have had so many great dealings.
  2. Kinda sorta never cared about em when I was a punky yoot, but I could bear to listen to em on the radio as I became an old fart. RIP https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/rusty-young-poco-co-founder-214241353.html
  3. 0054


    That kid is so forlorn, already!
  4. 0054


    My cat was not impressed!
  5. 0054


    NO doubt there always is! I just hated to see an old date on the last thread, it seemed too long to talk about what is too good.
  6. 0054

    Best avatar on HFC, it cracks me up each time

    1. RobB


      Yeah, Robert Armstrong. Not as famous as Crumb or those guys, but I liked his comix. 

  7. I think John Cale produced that Jonathan Richman album. Jonathan Richman is a man who longs for a time that never was. That Modern Lovers record is so great.
  8. 0054


    Like a rock, n you? I dreamed of a guitar!
  9. Contact Mann, IIRC, he made some extra parts when he had his first go round of bridges.
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