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  1. I saw the 57 Les Paul Special 16K (over 20k with fees n shipping!!). Tha'ts nuts. But people loved em... I just lost interest at a certain point a couple weeks ago.
  2. Chris Spedding. Has played with everyone, saw him recently and his only pedal? A tuner.
  3. Santellavision has/had a very nice Rocker 32 (stereo amp), and I tried one out at my local GC (no hamer) and the clean was amazing, I didn't care for the overdrive channel, but that's me.
  4. Get well soon, Jamie. Ptraying. HFC is a special place!
  5. Two. no, now three things here. That is a cool, cool guitar. Crunchee at the very least, there has to be at DGS headquarters, a patron saint of no afil with your picture!! The HFC Enabler!
  6. The photos have a cast, seen it quite bit. You gtta find the intruder and smack em down (red or cyan) or go into LAB for finesse. The bricks have too much blue
  7. It was, because it was at once contemporary, before commercial acceptance, a a legacy. All other well known concept albums came from bands that had a history. You would still know the bands, despite epic failures. The album lulls the listener with its outrage, lunacy and modern pathos, butwe wewere all su ked in that it was a revolution. Malcolm tried the same before them and after them. The defence rests.
  8. Jamie Reid was the real deal on the lyrics and the outrage, and the letterpress work, and the hostage typography. NMTB, was the greatest concept album ever. I like a lot of songs on it, but it's overproduced, layers... the Chris Spedding produced stuff was much livelier. That trademark white Les Paul was nicked from Sylvain Sylvain, IIRC.
  9. No true, you just won't accept my Monopoly money offer, I don't know why... I love that guitar!!
  10. I really wanted that one. It's right up my alley. Hope they catch the perp soon.
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