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  1. Travis, you can end the shennanigans and questions... just buy one of each and do indepth reviews!!
  2. They stole the volume and tone knobs off a Twin Reverb!!
  3. I love P90s, they are versatile. The cleans are fantastic with a fatness, they grind with greatness... I prefer vintage hot (Gibson saved all their hot wound pickups for the student models, the Jrs and specials) but not modern hot, they are clear, true and you can't hide. The Gibson custom shops I have are really nice in my Artist... the Gravelin in Shishkov is extraordinary.... it's so loud, it reminds of what a P90 would have sounded like new... just fantastic in every way. I hated the Phat Cats, but that's just me.
  4. That costs almost as much as the unleash!! Dang it!
  5. T51 is taller by bits, slightly thinner, but not shredder, artist is Vintage carve D shaped, and 2001 Newport is more rounded than the Artist, a larger C so it feels a little bigger than the Artist, but my Shishkov is like a 1959 Les Paul, it's huge.
  6. The guy from Warrant recorded with an old assed tele.
  7. Hey, so is this quiet like the original versions or slightly louder, as I have read in reviews. Asking for a friend.
  8. I'm a cars fan, but why they are in the rnr hof is beyond me. I like Easton's playing more than them as a band.
  9. That thing, it's beautiful! I can't believe you got rid of it, or rather you put all that good hard work into it, knowing your issues with 24.75.... Stellar, always a top refin in my mind!
  10. I love those 3 to a side sustain block vectors... to me they look soo cool!
  11. 0054

    Where are you...

    My memory of getting my number, was the same day I lost a job at a very stressful workplace! I went home, told my wife the bad news then the good news, "Well, I'm 0054!" She said no way you are getting that guitar!! LOL... it all worked out!!
  12. 0054

    Fender scale anybody?

    Mine too! I wanted my first one to be 25.5, but Mike, he speaks in a special way and talked me off the 25.5" ledge! LOL.