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  1. Reminds me of my moms 68 Alfa Romeo Spider 2+2. Great color!
  2. Great demo!! I was cranking it in my car, sounded so great!
  3. 0054


    I was gonna write something similar, but Bubs42 has changed! Rarely a typo, and he seems to have exhausted all amp and prototype/Phantom scenarios!
  4. RIP, It's all out of phaze at this point.
  5. How does Bubs have such first hand knowledge? Asking for a friend.
  6. I have the will, it all goes to me, somehow! Thanks HH!!
  7. YES!!! It is such a beautiful guitar!!
  8. 0054


    Lotsa single cuts in this batch!
  9. Recently got amplifire AA12. Pretty cool.
  10. How likely that its 25.5" scale as the description has it?
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