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  1. Some really beautiful guitars in this thread. I love Koa, too. Although I don't own a single guitar made with Koa... I'm always looking for a nice Koa top wood for a self made guitar but this wood seems to be hard to get. There's a Mirage I available here in Germany that caught my attention but I think I've got just too many guitars (did I really type that?) and I'm just building a new one with a nice flame maple top... How are these Mirage I guitars? How does the neck feel (slim/fat)? And what about that little switch? I read it overrides the tone pot, right? Damn, have to get rid of GAS.
  2. I think the price is OK. If I would look for a P90 guitar it would definitely be interesting to me.
  3. Haha... I stumbled across them looking for a case for my Kramer DMZ. The one I found there for a "dream price" is still for sale. Found one in good condition for a reasonable price. There are funny stories about this shop on the web.
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