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  1. Thank you. I will try Josh's approach. Have to look for a suitable silicone on the German market first... I'll let you know of my experience.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions! I already put some foam rubber into the cavities and tried rubber rings to tighten the screws a bit, this didn't help. I wax potted a pair of old DiMarzios from my '78 Kramer DMZ a few years ago and kept an eye on the temperature. It worked great and the squealing was gone. I just wondered if there are other ways to get rid of the squealing and think that so many users here must have the same problem with these old DiMarzios. And reading of wax potting there are so many people telling you that the pickups behaviour and tone will change... My Kramer DMZ s
  3. Hello, I play an '81 Sunburst with very microphonic DiMarzios – they are so microphonic I can hardly play them with a real amp, I'm using a Helix and in-ear headphones most of the time. You can turn the bobbin screws without using a screwdriver. Oil City Pickups describe it very well here. I thought about wax potting them but after reading this article I searched for "microphonic dimarzios bobbin screws" and some people write about fixing the screws with silicone rings or teflon tape. Oil City Pickups suggest putting clear nail polish around the junction of each of the pole
  4. Congratulations! Hey, looks like it was bought in a German store back in the days.
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