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  1. Here we have a beautiful Ovation 1231-4 hollow body electric from 1970! $1200. PayPal’d and shipped in the continental USA only. Please see my Reverb ad for a complete description and more pictures. Thank you! https://reverb.com/item/44868307-ovation-1231-4-1970-natural
  2. SOLD pending payment. Hi Clifford, the Corsa sold this morning on Reverb. It is still pending payment so I’ll be in touch if it is somehow not completed. Thanks.
  3. My very first Hamer! The one that started it all. Bought it from Makin Music in North Hollywood, mid 90s. The only difference is mine had exposed coils. Beautiful .. thanks for posting.
  4. Corsa LCPG in Dark Burst. Player’s grade, good price. Now SOLD. PayPal’d and shipped in the continental USA only. Reverb ad with description and pictures: https://reverb.com/item/44525393-corsa-lcpg-dark-burst
  5. I know Eddie Wang through some mutual guitar friends who live in Portland. He’s a good dude who builds good amps. He builds guitars, too, btw. https://instagram.com/eddiewanginstruments?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. My first legit concert was Kansas and Thin Lizzy in El Paso, 1978. The very concert where the boy was blinded in the car accident. The way I remember, it was an auditorium that held about 6,000 but with the floor and every nook and cranny they were way over capacity. Excited crowd, perhaps a bit unruly when the show was over. It is a highlight in all my years of concert going. I loved Thin Lizzy but something incredible happened when Kansas took the stage. I swear I kind of went into a hypnotic state when they played Journey From Mariabronn. Amazing amazing experience! Thanks to Robby and the whole band. You left a lifelong impression on this 14 year old kid.
  7. Newport Tally Pro Monaco with Filtertrons (that great black one at Mesa Boogie Hollywood) Modified Eclipse (got it)
  8. Have a look at a 2020-21 Casino Worn before you decide. I really like mine. It’s a very well made guitar. The build, frets, and electronics, all of it is good. Mine needed a proper setup, including lowering the nut, but afterward it dialed in just right. It works great for recording and is a really cool guitar to have around your couch for unplugged playing. It sounds killer plugged in too though might feedback with high volume and gain. A great value at $450 plus $65 for a setup.
  9. I don’t have any direct experience with Kiesel or Carvin but over the last few years I’ve read a few threads about build problems, inconsistencies, and bad customer service. I just did quick Google search ‘Kiesel Guitar Issues’ and came across a number of complaints. I’d read these and do your own research before making a decision.
  10. LOCATED at UPS Lost and Found in Utah! On its way to Saul as intended. Thanks for your support!
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