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  1. FatJeff


    Love the inlays. Definitely one of a kind. And the "Muse"...what a distinctive part of these 3 by 3 Shishkov headstocks.
  2. Between the quilt and the finish it has a 3-D effect of rippling water...hmmm Shishkov #2 with quilt and a blue finish?
  3. #95 arrived yesterday. Still taking it all in but two things stand out immediately. First it has the most luxurious feeling finish of any guitar I have ever experienced. Second, the neck profile is perfection...thinner but not shredder thin. More thoughts as I get to know this instrument. For now...a mess of photos.
  4. #95 is incoming...saying Aloha to it tomorrow (pending FedEx doing Fed Ex things).
  5. #97 & #98 have been delivered (per a post in the FB group). Those of us waiting on 90's builds should be excited. P.S. They are an amazing pair of "fraternal twins".
  6. FatJeff


    All in good time...
  7. Confirmed my color choice today. 90's are getting color soon!
  8. Had the pleasure of talking with Mike today to finalize some details of #95. It's getting very real and I'm closer to joining the "club".
  9. #95 is quilty and already an Instagram star
  10. I'm allowing myself to believe that #95's neck is in that stack. A kid has to be able to dream, right?
  11. FatJeff


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