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  1. Northfield

    What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    Getting ready to do some carving this weekend and these 2are going to be killer when finished
  2. Northfield

    Never seen one of these before

    It’s legit. Mahogany centura bolt on. Custom neck. Pretty sure it’s the original color because the serial number is so crisp - not sure about the graphics on the front.
  3. Northfield

    #73 has landed

    Thanks FC, glad it arrived safely. I’ll add a few pics Trish took before it headed out.
  4. Northfield

    For the Love of Seafoam

    It’s just a reflection from Christmas lights. I’ll put you down for dibs, but I don’t plan to part ways with it anytime soon 😀
  5. Northfield

    Doyle Dykes

    He is a fantastic player and a really nice, down to earth guy. We had a nice surprise at one of our holiday parties at the shop when he stopped by and did a christmas concert for us. I think he was a Guild artist at the time. He brought one of his Christmas CDs for each of us, signed them and spent time hanging out with us for a while. It was a cool day, wish I could find my pictures from it.
  6. Northfield

    For the Love of Seafoam

    I absolutely love this one
  7. Northfield


    Some quilts are harder to carve than others, and this was one of them. As I was carving it, Trish kept saying it still looks wavy - that's when I grabbed a beer and locked the door. 😆
  8. Northfield


  9. Northfield


    Thanks! It’s the tonepros vintage style. The way the burst works with the cross grain to mimic a fire spreading out is extremely cool. I don’t think you’re on fb so here are a few pics we took yesterday that Trish is posting.
  10. Northfield

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    Wow, this thread really wandered. . Thanks for the feedback, definitely a lot of possible directions to take this idea. Lots of prototypeing to do.
  11. In 97 there was a limited run for Nakao in Japan. The N was added to differentiate from the limited run of 72 made for the US market. I wonder how many made it back over here.
  12. Northfield

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    One of my favorite HAMER bass styles is actually the Chaparral 12 string. Basses in general are all over the place, but if I build a prototype, I’d probably take the same approach I’ve done with the DC and SC customs - start with a platform that hits the basics but leaves room for customization. The challenge at this point is what qualifies as “the basics”. I appreciate the feedback- keep it coming.
  13. I’ve been asked when am I going to build one and have some ideas rolling around in my head but I’m curious what hardware, pickups etc those of you that play bass like and why.
  14. Northfield

    Experienced wait time?

    Thanks for posting the link to Scott Walkers blog @django49 He’s really spot on and I don’t think I could say it any better. There is a ton of hurry up and ..... wait ....going on, and it keeps me and Trish up at night. Trish convinced me to go back to giving out serial numbers upfront, similar to the ultimate run, because unfortunately I’ve blown almost every estimated time frame I’ve given. I started out with a perspective based on how long processes took at the Shop, and then got into a realative grove with the ultimates but neither of those production times have translated well to the COs. My goal has been to be as flexible with the CO requests as possible, but that has introduced its own set of challenges. I generally stick to building in order, but have pushed a CO forward or back based on what’s being requested. Scott’s right, there are some efficiencies to grouping similar builds together. I’ve had a consistent backlog of at least 30+ Guitars for the past couple of years and am doing my best to balance production timelines with the individual attention I give to each build once it moves out of the queue and onto the work bench. With very few exceptions, everyone has been extremely patient with the process and I appreciate the ongoing support and kind words. As many of you know, while I may be slow with email, you can always reach out for a quick call to talk about your order.
  15. Northfield

    Mini reunion of HFCers

    It’s a fun local show, and was great meeting up with you guys!