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  1. Didn’t realize it had been so long since my last Shop update. It’s been a busy month.
  2. Earthy goodness flowing in this one 🎸
  3. Here are a few shop pics of the current group ( in no particular order) 😎
  4. It was a cool event and we enjoyed the VIP treatment and some awesome music with friends. The Leidos guitar spent some time in the interview area for the bands to check out. Here’s a quick pic of Sameer from Young the Giant with it.
  5. Northfield


    Wow, nicely done @nhojbo! Thanks for posting the link, it’s always great to hear them in action. Rock on!
  6. Nope, it’s at the Barkhamsted reservoir.
  7. It was great having you over @DBraz, it was a blast working on this one with you and you’re welcome anytime! The road trip was icing on the cake - it’s always nice to meet another HFCer and see some very cool guitars. Also, thanks @Bennyboy-UK for arranging the very cool TRC!
  8. Lots of cool, new things going on right now - should be a great year!
  9. Geoff, I can't thank you enough for all of the work you did on this and I’m blown away by how it turned out! It was fantastic working with you on this project and I love the overall composition and how the parts fit together. It’s generally me taking what you guys say and running with it during a build, so it was really fun to be on the opposite side this time. While Geoff was working on the demo, he would send me short videos and sound clips but I didn’t see the whole thing put together until it was posted here - guess I got a taste of my own medicine so to speak, 😂 Rock On! Mike
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