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  1. @hamerheadgive me a call tomorrow and we’ll get it taken care of. No worries my friend!
  2. Trish will talk to Chris about this. I’m sure they can pull something together. Thanks!
  3. @jco5055I don’t recall seeing your email - can you resend to ShishkovGuitars@gmail.com? I’d be happy to talk to you and spec one out. thanks Mike
  4. Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes! Had a great weekend!
  5. These are production guitars from New Hartford that got stopped in mid process, and have been hanging around in limbo for a quite a few years. They have the original tape and notes on the neck about things to fix after first level. @Jackass didn't let anything get by him. God, I miss working with that guy.
  6. EVH is blasting loud in the shop tonight. My brother never knew how often I would sneak in and play a bootlegged Van Halen tape that he had gotten ahold of, once I figured out how to work his stereo ( I was about 7). EVH was the inspiration for one of the first guitars I ever built.
  7. Thanks @bubs_42 - We ordered them from Schaller with the ebony buttons. They really tie nicely with the rest of the hardware and pickups.
  8. 97 and 98 are out in the wild already.....
  9. Thanks for the kind words @bubs_42 #90 has some serious raw power to it. Was fun plugging it in before it headed your way. Because you can never have to many pictures, here are a few Trish and I took - we don’t generally take the finished pics in the shop, but it seemed appropriate for this one. 🎸
  10. While there’s a lot going on with #89, It all came together great and looks really cool! Josh did a fantastic job with the pickups - I thought It sounded great. It was fun working on it with you @hamerhead! Rock on! M we tried to get pics that showed the flame in the top, but it was hard to capture
  11. Recently got a line on some old Honduras Mahogany, so I took a ride and found some massive blanks that had been buried at the back of an old barn. Love it when I find these old treasures.
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