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  1. For many guitarists it's quite obvious where the PEZ are supposed to come out as well as why they don't.😖
  2. Correct- this one never left. It takes 90 days of continuous listing for an initial price decrease on their automated system. Beautiful bass although I'd bet the pickups are nothing special. Those two Superpros have been there 2-3 weeks with the less expensive one leaving for a few days then returning.
  3. The record rains here in southern AZ have dictated a new driveway so my Artist is on the block. Non-stock items are TV Jones Classic at the neck, Classic Plus at the bridge and a Pigtail aluminum tailpiece. OHSC. Medium carve neck. Some hameritis spots here and there otherwise in very good condition. No cracks or other issues. Plenty of pics available. $1150 plus shipping for members. Posting here before it goes to Reverb. vdawa@cox.net
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