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  1. The record rains here in southern AZ have dictated a new driveway so my Artist is on the block. Non-stock items are TV Jones Classic at the neck, Classic Plus at the bridge and a Pigtail aluminum tailpiece. OHSC. Medium carve neck. Some hameritis spots here and there otherwise in very good condition. No cracks or other issues. Plenty of pics available. $1150 plus shipping for members. Posting here before it goes to Reverb. vdawa@cox.net
  2. Back up for sale, 1995 not '99. The ad where it sold on Reverb back in January has much more info. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/hamer-b8l-8-string-bass.1524399/ https://reverb.com/ca/item/37399666-hamer-chaparral-b8l-1995-aztec-gold
  3. Dry wood termites. On a positive note the bass will keep getting lighter.
  4. Communicated with the owner and thought about driving up to Phoenix for that one as I'd found it on Craigs. $650. Skinny neck and sloppy nut job.
  5. 2007 in excellent+ condition, both cream and black covers and knobs. 50's carve neck, OHSC, zero issues. $2200 + shipping covers what I have into it. Just took delivery a week ago. It's a fantastic instrument but my aging wrists aren't happy with the deeper neck carve at least in this scale length. I'm only keeping one semi-hollow so I'm going to stick with my Artist FM with it's medium carve. Plus, I'm mainly a bassist and purchased another bass I just had 🤤 to have. I'll post more pics later. vdawa@cox.net
  6. Hameritis ll: When you should have hit "Buy it Now" but instead nickle and dime a seller who has a desired instrument in great condition at a lower than current market price so they raise the price. Quit bitching and buy this one Pizza Face: 🐍 https://www.ebay.com/itm/124712557511?hash=item1d09729bc7%3Ag%3ARXcAAOSwcnxglAe-&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  7. The neck is beat and that's some fairly high string height especially for fretless. I bet it's warped and/or twisted on the E side.
  8. I don't have white knobs on an instrument as after a few weeks they match the UPS truck.
  9. It's like magic. The fourth position changes the color of the covers and knobs and there's a fifth position that changes the binding.
  10. Arriving in about a week. Both black and white accoutrements. 2007 and stated as mint so fingers tightly gripping the wheel.
  11. It's back and without the handcuffs. New seller a few hours away from where it was posted on Craigslist. Same top scrape on the edge stage right. New seller didn't even bother to clean the off-white grunge by each fret for his $450 increase. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203439456009?hash=item2f5defbf09%3Ag%3Ai4sAAOSwEudgkHvq&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  12. Purchased by someone on the FB Hamer page who doesn't quite comprehend GC's rating structure and is feeling lucky. With GC this past year that's about a 1 in 4 shot but it does still happen.
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