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    USA Studio Custom, USA Artist, USA Daytona, USA Phantom Custom, USA Mirage II, USA Newport Pro Custom, USA Chapperal Elite
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    Fender Twin ('70's "blackfaced"), Trace Elliot Trident head, Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 head, Traynor YCV80Q, Hughes & Kettner Triamp combo, Hughes & Kettner Duotone combo, Rivera Knucklehead 50watt head, Fender Cybertwin, Peavey Classic 50 combo, Fender Princeton, Peavey 5150 head, Peavey 5150II head, do I have to mention the Peavey Heritage from childhood??? aCk!
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    Tease RMC2 Wah, Keeley TS-9, Keeley loop bypass sw, Boss Phaser, Boss Vibrato, Keeley Time Machine Boost, Keeley Boss Metal distortion

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    Charleston, SC
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    Hamer guitars, loud music, bands, engineering, tube amps, geekdork machines like computers, sports (football, basketball, baseball).<br><br>That enough? hehehehe aCk!!! Thfpppttt!!! :P
  1. I'm the clown that bought the orange one up top from the OP. I realized how much I missed my original one!
  2. glideman


  3. Look almost like some sort of mini-humbucker with open coils hehehe. Are they supposed to have a semi-P90 tone with humbucking or something?
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