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    Use to own 2 kickass Special FM's.
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    Sansamp, Crate Powerblock and matching 1x12 cab.
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    I like hard blues, and hard metal. I work a lot and love my kids and wife! Seeing a good film in a good theater, medicine, and spending time with the few that I love.

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  1. will_rawlings


  2. I always thought that was a Jackson cause of the inlays. That was also on their performance in Russia as well. Cool. I finally get to see that Hamer. Wow!
  3. Besides the Dean, Washburns, the occasional culprit and I think it was a Jackson (? the tyedye one) I've only heard of the Hamer. Well apart from the Ovations and weird acoutics and stuff, but they don't count!
  4. I saw that on the bay a couple of weeks ago. I just thought 'wow. that different'. I didn't buy it but it sure is clean.
  5. All fat and no lean for tone? Leslie West style:P
  6. I did some looking on the Dimarzio site. Here's the infor on the DLX's "Tech Talk: The DLX Plus™ was not designed to duplicate the sound of a standard soapbar. The sound is more like that of a modern full-size humbucker, most similar to a Steve's Special™. Turning up an amp's midrange control, even with high gain, will produce a fat, punchy sound that retains a lot of definition." They have a DLX for neck and bridge. A Super Distortion, Soapbar, Tone Zone, and a Vitual P90. All for standard P90 replacement. I have only seen the HC reviews, but don't know of anyone who has/had them . It's been like a little mystery to me similar to when I didn't know how minihumbuckers sounded. Then I played some. Mystery solved. !
  7. The seller said they were Dimarzio DLX's, I just wondered how they sound. Or if it sparked some memories . Thanks though.
  8. I know this is kinda vague but...was this anyone's here? If so how did it sound?
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