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  1. When I read the "Twas a good day for Brother Bill" thread, and saw HHB's post concerning tortoise binding problems, I googled around and found something on the RMMGA usenet group about a problem with tortoise binding. The gist of it was that there can be problems, and that a maker of electric guitars (not Hamer as I recall) got some help from an acoustic company (Taylor? Collings?), being informed of a specific supplier for the binding, and a specific glue to use. It's driving me nuts now, because I've been googling for half an hour and I can't re-find this information! Hopefully any problems Hamer had with this binding have been worked out - I take some comfort in that they do tortoise bindings stock on their Korina Newports. And, it does just look so fine on this guitar. Perfect for the junction of the tobacco sunburst finish with the back and sides color. I'll keep looking for that usenet post...
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