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  1. Please clarify- shut down WHICH production line? Hamer or Guild? I think he was talking about the Guild shop in Westerly, RI (not CT). I also thought that the Guild Electrics were the only thing that Fender's Custom Shop was actually handling. I could look into that for sure. As we all know, Hamer has not been shut down, and Guild Acoustics are being made as well or better than ever in New Hartford. My apologies for not being more specific, and my error in citing Connecticut as the Guild electric factory location. Mr. Matthes is correct: I was referring to the Guild electric factory in Rho
  2. Disclaimer: Although the following information is "secondhand", it originates from a reliable source. I spoke to a Fender sales representative a few weeks ago who told me that Jol was no longer associated with Hamer. He didn't specify whether Jol left of his own volition, or if he was fired. However, he did say that Jol's position at Hamer in recent years was more or less that of a "figurehead", and that his involvement in the day-to-day operations of the company was very limited. He said that for the past few years, Jol was only in the office about one day per week. He also mentioned (in a s
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