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  1. The one with three single coils, or the one with dual humbuckers? Which one is more versatile/has better tone options?
  2. Bump...also open to a T-51 with a rosewood board and some color that you can see the woodgrain through (especially trans orange!).
  3. Bumpo...will consider other colors as long as they are in really nice shape.
  4. Just checking to see if anyone else out there might have a nice Diablo or Centaura for sale...
  5. I did, thanks. A little high for me, but I'm definately thinking about it. Bump!
  6. I'm going to keep an eye on that one just to see how things go, but I'm still looking as well in case anyone has another one for sale. Also, I know they made at least two amber Centauras, because I foolishly sold one about 4 years ago.
  7. Anyone have a minty Diablo or Centaura that they would sell? Mainly looking for colors like Aztec Gold, natural, and trans white, and black hardware but will consider others as well if they are in really good shape. Especially nice if it comes with the original case. Looking to spend around $400-500 depending on condition.
  8. Glad it made it there ok. Not sure about the battery since it's an older model. You might try Amazon though. Bump for the 18-55 ED II lens...
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