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  1. That is F-ing awesome! Really nice work! Glad to hear things in your life are going well too. Had a question for you. What is the pole spacing on the pickups? I am replacing mine and was just double checking. When I meausre the pole spacing on the pickups in the guitar right now they seem to narrow for the strings. Thanks and, again, great job!!! Eric
  2. That looks sweet! Congrats on getting the paint/clear done. I know that must feel good. As others have said, be sure to take some action shots as well when you get the chance. Take it easy!
  3. Glad your back! Good to hear that progress is being made and that you are happy with it. You should be. It's looking great, and you have certainly put forth alot of effort. Again, don't feel bad about posting in-process pics, it just helps everyone appreciate the final product even more and to see what all was involved in getting there. I'm getting closer to winding down some of my home remodeling projects and have been collecting parts to cleaning up my SS1 (found an '80's black Floyd Rose and got some mahogany) so I'll start posting on the thread I started awhile back soon to get some in
  4. That is looking great! Really sweet work on the big signature. The attention to detail is really impressive. Can't wait to see it when it's all done. Don't worry about showing it with orange peel, it just shows how much work you have and continue to put into it. Again, looking great!
  5. That is looking great! You are really doing some nice work on this. I can't wait to see more pics.
  6. Currently playing through a Komet 60W head into a mid-70's front load Hiwatt 4x12 w/ Fanes. Usually just straight into the amp although I do have a Matchless Hotbox if I wanna mess with the sound some. I'll try and get some pics taken and post here soon. I've also got a Hiwatt 200 head w/ the 4 KT88's, but sadly she is DOA right now. I will need to go through her and bring her back to life. Just one more project to work on...
  7. Hamerjunkie, That is cool. What was the original color of your guitar, can/could you tell? Does anyone know how many maple neck SS models were made? Just rough percentage, I mean. Good luck with that. You should start your own post showing the teardown and build up of your ax as well. Take care.
  8. Man, now I gotta ask how the Hamers compare to the Washburn. Sounds like you've got the collection I want. Also, please post some pics of your SS-80 (amongst all the other picture requests I've already made, sorry). Do you also have one of the SS3s I've heard about? I've never seen a pic of one. Do you know what is different about them compared to the other 2 SS Hamers? Also, did you ever hear why Steve moved to Washburn? It seemed like Hamer was willing to work with him on his designs, and he, ultimately, didn't stay at Washburn very long either. I think I saw the pics of your DayGlo on
  9. Thanks again. I remembered I had one more question (this one doesn't involve taking pictures though). You mentioned you had another SS1 (DayGlo paint) and your SS2 pictured above; how do the 2 compare with each other, both physically and aurally? I haven't come across comments or reviews that compare the 2 to each other. Do you feel the back slanted pickups on the SS2 offer a different sound from the standard vertical positioning? I know Steve continued with this orientation on the Washburn model he worked on, so I would assume he must have thought it was cool. Is the back portion of the
  10. Thanks for helping me out. I hope I didn't ask too many questions at one time. I was just excited to see your project, and the pictures were just what I was needing in my own less ambitious restoration. If I can impose with one more request, could you take a close up shot or two of the strap button on the horn? I much prefer this location myself, and have thought about doing the same to mine. If I decide to do it, it would be the only non-reversible mod I would make. Since it seemed to offered this way from the factory from time to time, I didn't feel it was out of character for the guita
  11. Nice thread! Great pics (of both the refin project and the SS2). I've got a custom SS1 that was further customized by a PO with an aftermarket Kahler for some reason. I am in the process of looking for a correct Floyd to put back on it, but I'll have to do some woodworking to the body as well. If you get a chance, could I impose on you to take a few pictures of the back of you project guitar? Also, would it be possible to take some measurements to locate the holes for the tremolo pivot pins? The holes on mine were filled. Two more requests, I'd like to see the link for the switches. Als
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