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  1. I have a Marshall Haze 15 watt, all tube half stack (1x12) cab w/footswitch in MINT condition. It also has some REALLY nice onboard effects (vibe,chorus & echo) that sound very analog. The amp itself is extremely versatile and has that warm Marshall sound. Even though it can be played at bedroom level with the MV, this thing can get VERY loud. One of the best Marshall has put out in a while. I bought it as a portable answer to my 78 MKII halfstack, but I'm going direct now. Not a scratch...I'm asking 600.00 plus S&H. Shipping shouldn't be too bad since this amp can fit in the backseat
  2. I'm leaving for Phoenix on Thu. No gigs next week... It's been REALLY bad out here!
  3. Thanks! I ended up getting married to a girlfriend from 21 years ago!!!! F spaced for the humbucker.
  4. I've owned & handled other SS1's before, but this one is an oddball. The neck is much more deep & the pitch of the set neck is more straight. Overall, it feels more like a Prototype than the production SS. Because of the serial, I think this had to be a real early one. The Floyd sits much closer to the body as a result of the neck pitch. I would to give thanks to Peter Fung , Greg G., Kim Keller, & Serial Steve, for all your help, parts & support. And special thanks thanks to everyone here on the board who gave a kind word. This was truly a labor of love & your support hel
  5. Thanks! It sounds great & plays like butta! I added a push pull vol pot to split the humbucker (as if there weren't enough tonal combinations already).
  6. It's been a LONG time!!! Lot of changes going on in my life (all good ones!) but I've finally found the time to finish this project. The results were well worth the wait. Here it is... I was even able to replicate the original serial in the correct font & color! Enjoy!
  7. FINISHED!!!! Just a sneek peek! It's late, it's dark but I had to share something. Completed, assembled, detailed pics in a couple of days...ENJOY!!!!
  8. That's a clear coat, but with a lot of orange peel! That's why I don't really want to post anymore pics until it's done. That will all be removed with the final wetsanding. You can't even tell it's a black metalflake because of the orange peel. It will be a smooth mirror finish when done!
  9. It's finished. I'm just letting it cure for a couple of more weeks until I do the final wetsand/polish. Just a few things that I did. The clear coats over the decals were sanded level with the rest of the finish, as well as the sides of the neck where the rosewood was masked off. Then I applied several new coats after that. The other thing was the serial number. I managed to find a font that looked just like the stamp that Hamer used at the time. I printed it in bright yellow (as they did on black guitars) & now you can't tell it's a decal. I'm actually suprised at how well this turned out
  10. Washburn SS80 Gibson CS Frampton sig. 1978 Greco(unofficial Frampton model)
  11. Decals corrected, applied & ready for final clearcoats!!! Sorry for the dark & warped looking pictures. I'm about ready to throw it in the pool! Bet you can guess what I'll be getting for Christmas.
  12. Thanks everyone...and thanks for the pics! Those really helped, especially since I ended up redoing the decals. I ended up "thinning out" the signature...It was way to thick. Plus, the transfer needed to be one big piece in order to hold it's proper shape. Also, I learned that just because the decal paper is white, it was still losing it's brightness against the black finish when applied. I didn't want to paint a white patch underneath, just in case I had to scrap the body signature completely. I solved it by putting a plain white decal cut to the same shape (less 1/16") first where the transe
  13. Thanks!!! All I had to go by was the GW from 86 & the Live Aid footage. Those pics are great!!!! I'd love to see more if you have them...shoot me an email! bonedady1068@msn.com
  14. Yeah, less the toy raygun guts & slanted pu's! Other than that, pretty close.
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