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Found 1 result

  1. I've tried to resolve this issue privately, to no avail. I recently traded my 81 Fender Bullet to fellow HFC'er IndianScout for an Epi Les Paul. I fully disclosed all known issues with my Fender in my For Sale post and provided additional detailed pics and info via PM. The guitar was fully functional with minor dings. I received similar reports about the Epi, including much praise for the upgraded electronics he'd installed. The only problem is that the guitar arrives and the electronics are all messed up. Bridge pickup works, as does its volume control, but the neck pickup and other volume and tone controls do not work at all. I informed IndianScout of the problem and asked him to cover part of the repair cost. He apologized, admitted that he'd recently broken and replaced the pickup selector switch (a fact he'd conveniently withheld), and took responsibility. He offered to refund my shipping costs, $37, towards the repair. I thought this was fair, told him so, and took the Epi to a local store for repairs. When I got home, I found another message from him claiming that the Fender needed rewired and that he had decided to "call it even." Bullshit! We're not even! The Fender was fully functional with the exception of the coil tapping switch, as noted on line 2 of my original FS post. I've tried to contact him several times, but he's not answering PM's, so I'm taking it public. Overall, the Epi can be repaired, and it'll be a fine instrument when it's fixed, but it's going to cost me money to get it in playing condition. Had IndianScout been forthright about the true condition of the Epi, I would've never agreed to the deal. IndianScout, you traded me a defective guitar. You deliberately withheld the information about the replaced switch, and then you went back on your word. You promised to contribute towards the repair, and you need to follow through. Until then, I advise that the rest of you steer clear of him. Apparently, he can't be trusted. BTW, I hope you enjoy the Fender. It's a damn fine guitar.
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