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FS: '96 Trans red Daytona

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1996 Daytona, transparent red, rosewood fingerboard. Pickups are Bill Lawrence 280/280/290. Trem bar, HSC.



There is one ding on the back, through to the wood. This pic ain't the greatest, but it should give you some idea. It's about the size of a match head.


This one just doesn't get played. Well, that's not quite true, in that this is my office guitar and I do play it, unplugged. Very comfy on the lap. But I'm not a strat guy, and plugged in, it just doesn't float my boat. I hope to use the proceeds to either buy an lawn mower, or better, a pretty green thing that has caught my eye.


You want this!


I'm thinking $650 shipped CONUS.

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