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  1. They are probably no longer available, but there was a 2 set CD "the Best of the HFC vols 1 &2". There was some good stuff on it.
  2. one more bump. While I'd prefer to keep it in the family, goes to eBay tomorrow. Reasonable offers entertained. Thanks.
  3. bump ba bump. Please don't make me list it on eBay. Please? Reasonable offers entertained. Thanks
  4. It it was white-ish with a tortoise pick guard, the probably. It's still available so your wish could come true! :-)
  5. Last of the Hamers for sale. Newport 12. Not the most figured Birdseye Maple I've seen but a nice one. No nicks, dings, or scratches. It does the 12 string Ric thing just like a Ric, only much, much easier to play. Dusty headstock. $1350 plus actual shipping cash price. Add 3% for paypal. Thanks.
  6. At least I think it's a Chap. I had a Cruise that I sold because it was too heavy, and bought this to replace it. It's not exactly my style. While I'm going to hang on to one bass, it will be my daughter's Cruisebass. Overall great shape. Minor fret wear on the D & G strings up to the 8th fret. Looks like some wear on the back which given its finish, is difficult to see. But it can be felt. EMG pickups. Again, headstock not dusted before photos. $900 plus actual shipping - discounted for cash price. Paypal/credit card gross up by 3% Thanks.
  7. I haven't been here in a long, long time. Life has changed - not better, not worse - just different. I popped in here just to liquidate some gear. But it still seems like the community it always has been.
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