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  1. 500w? I couldn't even push my 15w Trace Elliot Velocette without going deaf.
  2. In my mid sixties. I cannot remember a time that more AFUed. On the other hand maybe, because I'm in my mid 60s, I just cannot remember.
  3. This is a fraternity (in a positive sense). I don't now if there are still any women on the board, but fraternity was not intended to be female exclusive.
  4. Not Steve, If this is political, my sincere apologizes and feel free to delete this. But this is what's wrong with this country. We cannot produce. [Clearly opinions as to why would be political]
  5. Having watched ZZ Top clip in Crunchee's post in the Mic Drop thread, do drummers use double basses anymore? I remember watching Carl Palmer, among others doing the double bass thing. (First time at the old Wildwood convention center in NJ. I was probably in Jr. High.)
  6. W/R/T the video, it is amazing how hard it is to control tempo in a live performance, be it rock or be it classical. Love the tune, love the band. love the funk of that era. Damn, I'm old.
  7. unfortunately I was associated with bands named Needs Work and Idle Frets. The first band was awful. At practice we'd play something. It would be terrible. Somebody would say "needs work" but instead of practicing, we'd move on to something else that also needed work. That band morphed into Idle Frets. I preferred Baldwin Grey and the Hot Flashes. It got vetoed by our female sax player whose last name was Flash and she was probably at that time of life. At that time our bass player was bald, and my beard was rapidly greying.
  8. And now, now issues. And nice and big for my aging eyes.
  9. I think there may be some issues with pictures loading. At least on the cool pics thread in the outer circle Though it could be me. .
  10. I hated the mid 80s, and perhaps part of the 90s. Maybe because I had to be responsible trying to help support a family, and the music didn't entirely float my boat. Once Son was born we disconnected the cable (i.e. MTv) and listened to only classical and Big Band music. And though my knowledge of that era's music is lacking, what I was hearing did not match Yes, ELP,, Fripp & Eno, that era of Genesis, and all the classically oriented prog rock bands from that time.
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