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  1. Genesis Selling England by the Pound Emerson Lake & Palmer eponymous There are several more . . .
  2. My two vanities are monogramed shirts, and fountain pens. Though I'm starting to move away from the monograms. Covid?
  3. Jeez. Recover well, please. Prayers, positive vibes, and whatever else you need.
  4. The kids are gone and my wife usually schedules herself for Christmas. I usually go into the office. We don't exchange gifts. We're to the point in life when one of us wants something, we buy it. Last night I cooked Christmas Eve dinner. Over the past few years, I've purchased several pots, pans, and a couple of knives to replace some of those which we both came into the marriage with, more than 35 years ago. And I was using these pots, pans, and knives prepping dinner. As I was cleaning up, I started thinking: My wife has given my the ultimate Christmas present. A wonde
  5. Er I heard him exclaim as he rose out of sight, happy Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.
  6. This is Cleveland's Mighty Wurlitzer. I don't know it's disposition since our temple was sold to a scoundrel. Quality of the recording is poor.
  7. One of the songs indelibly burned into my mind is Dave Mason's Look at You Look at Me. Ignoring the glory of the dual keyboard B3 and piano sounds, can any of you suggest what his rig might have been? Yes, I know that tone comes from the fingers, not the gear but . . .
  8. Beware of the sticky back necks. That's one of the reasons I dumped my 4003 bass. No amount of talcum powder could fix the issue
  9. My first guitar (as opposed to bass) was a Ric 330. While it was pretty, it did not speak to me. I got rid of it and got an Echotone which beget a minor addiction to all things Hamer. My holy grail was a Ric bass with Ric-O-Sound. Was heavily bummed, The finish on the back of the neck was sticky. Tho' far heavier than the Ric, the Hamer Cruise was a better bass. At one point in my journey, I ordered a Carl Wilson limited edition 12 string. The neck was far too narrow for my chubby fingers. Got rid of that in favor of a Newport 12. Absolutely no comparison. Alas, Ric is a m
  10. In high school we covered Gypsy, I still love that song. Our keyboard player was incredible - we covered ELP with aplomb.
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