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Small to mid small bass amp that works guitar


So I am looking around for a used bass amp still and I am ready to buy something.  Then I get the idea that maybe the smaller bass amp might also function okay as a guitar amp.  

I tried searching here and saw that bubs mentioned a Marshall bass amp that work well with a pedal.  Any other recommendations.   I saw a Carvin 200 at a pawn shop nearby.  They didn't have it processed yet so wouldn't tell me a price. They also had a small 20 watt Kustom that sounded okay in the bass department.  It seems that many of the smaller bass combos would work for guitar but do some work better than others?




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Took my Cruise to Sam Ash Music today and took the plunge and bought the HD 75.  It fulfills a couple of uses.  It has a 1/8 inch input and includes a tweeter in the cab.  So i tried a few tunes through my iphone and it sounds pretty good.  Enough high end to sound like a real speaker.  So, I can use it for my digital drums and I can use my amplitube amps from my phone and play through the amp.  Gives more of a real amp sound.   It sounds good clean with my guitar as a direct input but I haven't tried using it with pedals yet. That's coming.

But the bass amp sound.  Freaking amazing after years without a bass amp. Has a three band and 7 band eq and plenty of punch from the 12 inch speaker.  Lots of tonal possibilities and so far, in my limited use, they sound amazing with my cruise bass.  Really brings out the deep tones and the ring that I love about this bass.

New Amp Day post coming....

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